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Sorry if this has been asked before, is the above legal?

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I’m sticking to local Bike Leichhardt rides mostly, these days. Too many cyclists on the Gong Ride! 

I ride this same way to work (when I ride to work, which has been never, lately ....)

The bus lane is fine. 

I've been using them for years from the Fairlight end of Burnt Bridge to Warringah Mall.

Both ways.

I've found the bus drivers to be courteous and safe, and I've found that car drivers avoid the bus lane even when it's not a bus lane (from Balgowlah shops to Warringah Mall the buss lanes are only active in the afternoons going North and in the mornings going South.

My only issues have been with motor scooter riders who think they can squeeze past. 

It says Bus Lane 3 to 7 and further down “Bus lane” so guess is not Bus only

A normal Bus Lane can also be used by bicycles, motor cycles, hire cars, taxis. 

A Bus Only lane can only be used by busses.

If the Bus Lane is 3 to 7 then it will be open to all vehicles outside those times and only to busses, bicycles, motor cycles, hire cars, taxis within those times. 

If it's marked Bus Only then it would be open only to busses within those times.

Worth looking up the road rules if you are unsure: https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/#/view/regulation/2014/758

154   Bus lanes
(1)  A driver (except the driver of a public bus) must not drive in a bus lane, unless the driver is permitted to drive in the bus lane under rule 158.


(2)  The driver of any vehicle may drive in a bicycle lane, bus lane, tram lane, transit lane or truck lane if:

(c)  the driver is:
(i)  riding a bicycle in a bus lane (other than a bus only lane), tram lane, transit lane or truck lane, or


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