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Sorry if this has been asked before, is the above legal?

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I’m based in Sydney

"Bus Lane" yes, "Bus Only" lane including T-Ways no but can get tricky as lane markings, signage can be ambiguous , especially where a narrow shoulder lane expands to become a short "Bus Only" at a set of lights and returns to narrow shoulder the other side of the lights, giving you the choice of using the Bus Only bit or merging into a dangerous traffic lane for 20 metres 

I agree Bill

Thanks Bill, is there any easy way to identify a bus lane only? Do they have the word Bus only written on it?

Yes, "Bus Only" on the road rather than "Bus Lane"

here's both an example of both, and an example of the sometimes baffling rationale behind one versus the other. "Bus Only" turning right into a "Bus Lane"

Bus only lanes are marked as such.

But I reckon you are pretty safe in a 'bus only' lane, especially a short one painted on the road. The police I doubt even know the difference, or how it applies to bicycles.

Thanks Dan, I have been riding on the bus lane on the corner of Condamine Street and Burn Bridge Creek deviation all the way to Brookvale. I’ll check today if I can spot any Bus only mark

It’s definitely a bus lane.  You are fine cycling in it.  

Be careful though.  Where there are shops and parked cars, you are better off riding in the regular lane or else you risk getting doored.

Thanks mate,

Yes, it's the hardest part of my commute but it goes straight to my place.

Hi Hector

Case in point, yes, you wouldn’t want to ride in the red lane before 3pm. Pity bus lanes aren’t marked wider so they would be useful for cyclists 24/7.

Thanks Bob, its been a long time. U doing the Gong ride this year? I'm


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