Hello all, I'm after your thoughts on where i can get a decent (and not too pricey) pair of rigid mtb forks for my vintage ('97) Orange Clockwork mtb.  The bike has been amazing and is a bit of a classic but the suspension forks (RST) were always a bit rubbish and despite getting me around Manly Dam in one piece I have purchased a full sus rig for mtb'ing.  I now want to turn the Orange into a rigid mtb for riding around town and would like a pair of cool looking forks - a bit like the old school pace jobs - kinda square profile.  Also I would prefer v-brake mounts - although if I wanted disc's i suppose i could add a disc brake to the front and keep the v's on the back (but I am probably missing something - like needing a new front wheel). Any ideas on forks appreciated.  Thanks

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something that will do v and disc brakes? Guessing 26 inch so steel forks kinda like...


or cheaper like onone who do goodish all round forks 


and then cheaper again like Dimension Forks  http://www.bikeman.com/FK0074.html

Can you find the fork specs from the frames geo? Keeping things like the A to C (Axle to Crown) length and rake as close to the original specs should help keep your bikes handling under control.  Also 1 inch or 1 1/8 inch?

All good advice. I went throught a similar exercise and ended up buying a set of 29er rigid forks which kept the axle to crown length very similar. Fortunately I had discs.

Hello - yep 26 inch, 1 1/8. Travel on the old forks was 80mm so hopefully not too much to worry about on the 'suspension correction' front? V brake i think as doubt i'll upgrade the wheel set (although that second link is what I had in mind). Cool websites, I'll have a look around them.  thanks

Looks like Baa Baa has you covered with some very good recommendations. For a frame of that era you will be wanting a fork in the 400-440mm axle to crown length. Do not go for anything longer.

The Dimension fork from Bikeman would be a really good fit and those tapered fork legs should mean it has a nice comfortable ride to match the frame.

Oh and fwiw I would be sending orange an email and ask them for ideas and options. Who knows, they could have something sitting in the warehouse that could work well.

Watch out if you go 29er as the v-brake bosses (if there are any) might not work for the 26inch wheel. if you are going disc brake go carbon! Caution only click here if you are a certified weight weenie as carbon can be addictive http://www.xmcarbonspeed.com/


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