Ofo and ReddyGo are pulling out. oBike is already gone in everything but name. The grand experiment is over.

Which is a real pity - I've used the bikes quite a bit, and found them very useful in a range of contexts. But, as I wrote in my very first review of them, back in September last year:

'It remains to be seen if these schemes will be a success in Sydney. To my mind the environment is against them – a government generally hostile to cycling, apathy on the part of the public and helmet laws could well end up making them nonviable. But I hope not. It would be great to see them become a part of everyday life in Sydney.'

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All the helmets disappeared and the bikes  were vandalised

It really is quite sad. Damning indictment on Australia.

I wonder if there is some kind of index that measures this type of thing? I imagine a country like Japan or Singapore would rank fairly high whereas we would be down with the battlers.

Earth Bikes are terrible (from reviews) so that does not leave a lot of options.


Perhaps a criteria of a "liveable city" should be how successful alternate forms of transport are. 

They are being pulled out of Singapore as well because of similar issues. On my travels overseas, the schemes that have lasted are those with docking stations which do require initial infrastructure spend. But from Bangkok to Oslo and in between, they do seem to work.

Meanwhile in the rest of the world Lyft and Uber are investing big money in bike and scooter share schemes because they see bike share as eventually cannibalising part of their car share businesses.

editorial on this in the SMH:

"More generally the lack of bicycle paths and NSW's exorbitant fines for trivial cycling offences are a major deterrent. The opposition to the dockless bikes also owes much to the culture of venomous hostility to all bicycle riders from motorists on Sydney's streets. That also will gradually have to change."

Well done SMH.

Don't read the comments. SMH readers are a lot more progressive than the News Corp readership, and yet they are still full of bile, misinformation and driver arrogance.

I heard recently that the share bikes in Newcastle are being screwed over by the government, so I won't be surprised if they fold within a year of their start-up.

ReddyGo is flogging off the remnants of their fleet today and tomorrow aT 215 Euston Rd, Alexandria. I had enough account credit to get one bike. Or you can buy them for $50. Managed to extract a nice Panasonic dynamo front hub, Shimano Nexus 3 speed rear hub gearbox, rear solar powered light, front solar panel (maybe use it for a phone charger?) and sturdy front basket. Wheels useless as 24 inch solid tyres.

Sad to see all those nice bikes wasted. Looks like what is not bought could go to the scrap heap.

I am happy to see them go. Helmetless dock share makes sense to me. The leave-it-wherever practice is not ideal at all.

I think they still have a place. Schemes can be rolled out quickly with no approval needed for docking stations. Melbourne docked system is poorly used, so not likely to get much support here. Not clear on this but looks like there could still be one operator left standing, mobike?

The sad part is that no one ever did anything about the cowardly vandals who did so much to wreck the system.

The depot is open from 2 to 4 pm today if you want a $50 bike, wheels clamps have all been removed.

They will be at Alexandria until Friday 20th of July.

Meanwhile, in China....

(most of the talk is not very interesting, just look at the photos)


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