Obike have already pulled out of Melbourme, and are now pulling out of Singapore.

Apparently people are struggling to get their deposits back, and emails and phone calls are going unanswered.

Seems like the end for Obike. I hope the others don't go the same way, as I actually find them very useful - especially ReddyGo, which i still reckon is the best. I often use it to get to work when I need to make a one-way trip (eg am going on somewhere after work not by bike).

I recall when these schemes first set up, there as some discussion about them on this site, and I wrote this almost exactly a year ago:

"Sad to say, I see more likelihood of bike vandalism and community backlash than in China. I really hope not, but a combination of a lot of bikes being kicked over and scattered over the pavements by drunks coupled with Screwball complaining about how they are all over the footpaths could become a political issue.."


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I wonder if Go-Get would receive the same level of vilification if their cars were overturned, trashed, and dumped in rivers as much the bikes from the bike share schemes are?

Would local residents be out for Go-Get's blood as they lose "yet another parking space to those a**holes who don't pay rego"?

Very much a victim blaming exercise


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