Did anyone do this ride last year.  Am intersted in participating in it this year, and am hoping firstly that it is near a railway station, and two, what is the difficulty level of the ride?  I don't mind hills or distance, just not lots of traffic and other obstacles.

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Hi John

I participated in the 55km Parra Pedal last Sunday. This was my first fund raising ride and definitely the farthest I have ever ridden in one outing.  I really enjoyed it and was thinking about doing the Ride 2 Riverstone.  Remember that little loop which started with the big hill?  Does the Ride 2 Riverstone contain hills like that? Because I had no chance of getting up them and ended up walking.  Also, how can I improve my ability to climb hills like that?



Lots of posts here and here on the climbing hills topic , in summary there are :

1/ better gearing (changing to compact cranks, having triples, having "granny teeth" on the rear.

2/ better fit to your bike for better power output

3/ training and strengthening the muscles, lungs and mental fortitude

4/ losing weight


Also, if you are going , do add to the Sydney Cyclist event 

Cool, thanks PeterT

Nic, I just managed to make it up the hill, only because it would have been more difficult for me to get off without rolling backwards.  I put my ability to being able to get up hills to all my running, and vise versa, the cycling also helps my running.  A good set of lungs also helps!

I did the 100k last year. Well organised ride with not much traffic. The road surface is pretty rough though and adds a little to the difficulty. The lunch provided afterwards was by all accounts stunning - I couldn't hang around for it.

Just a reminder that we're doing a practice run for the Ride2Riverstone this Sunday (See Events Page - complete with link to maps & cue sheets in comments).  We'd love to see as many people as possible there.

Don't forget the real event on Sunday May 1st. - See http://www.ride2riverstone.com.au

Well the Teaser ride last Sunday went well - 8 or 9 riders and fantastic weather.

Just a reminder to register for the main event on Sunday May 1st.  On-line registrations have been extended until April 29th.  Those registering now can pick up ride-bibs etc on the day.

See www.ride2riverstone.com.au.

I want to do this but need to juggle getting back to to the innerwest/Redfern by about 1pm.

That means getting back to the Riverstone train station for the 1140 or 1210 train - (train or car seems to be in the hour mark)

Will need to get there early to avoid the queue to start if it's anything like ParraPedal - can anyone shed some light what the rider numbers were like for last years ride ?

I'm figuring barring incident,if I get to start riding by before 8am would probably mean I can attempt to complete the 55kms route and see some of Scheyville Nat'l Park.

- oh , and is anyone looking for some company for the ride?

Peter,  there were a total of around 460 riders last year.

Since changing part of the route, the 55km route has morphed into a 60km ride.

We are hoping to send riders off in groups from the start, starting at 7:30, with the 100km riders off first, followed by 80, 60 and finally 35km riders.   I didn't say this, but you could probably sneak away with the 100 or 80km riders if time is an issue....

I hope you have the opportunity to grab a bite to eat before you have to head back..I can't remember what time lunch is planned to be ready by.


Thanks Rob. I've had a deeper look at the routes and the 100km route runs the same as the 60km for the first 52kms (before it does another loop.)

Makes sense to sign up for the 100km and leave with those groups, then bail at the turn-off at the 52km mark.


As I will be travelling to Riverstone by train next Sunday, does anyone know if there are any stairs I have to negotiate at the railway station.  I am hoping not, as this as not something I had figured into my plan.  Am still recovering from having to carrying my bike up and down the stairs when I did Loop the Lake - for me, the ride is the easy part.
There is a level crossing, so no steps to worry about, just speeding trains! But you should look on steps as a chance to get some upper body strength work in :-)


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