I've just found what I believe is a brand new RMS cycleway map.  It can be found here.

It's a very comprehensive guide to every official piece of cycle infrastructure (moreso than open cycle map or google bike directions in my opinion).  Unfortunately, because it only shows 'official' bike routes it doesn't show a lot of useful but unofficial cycle routes (such as Pyrmont Bridge Road and Ross St in Glebe).  However, I've already found one new bit of information, i.e. who knew there were two railway line underpasses in Concord West?  I only ever knew about the one next to the station until now.

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link is missing a colon after the http

Cheers, fixed in the original post now.  I had a double http://, I wonder why this gets mapped to http//, i.e. no colon?

Impressive. (Well once you get rid of the double http:// it is, which I guess is the clever RMS way of keeping things covert.)

Not sure the state freeways like the Hume can really claim to be cycle-infra?

At least they have the Jerilderie "Choose your infrastructure type:" correct...

(Also looks like Leeton, Dubbo, Wagga and Albury are pretty much sorted. Worth noting that Albury has some pretty nice paths, lighting and under and over passes down and working. If down that way bring your bike.

I will let someone else ride out to Wentworth do the infrastructure audit)

RMS has declared any major highway with an improved shoulder to be bicycle infrastructure on that shoulder.  I've confirmed the bits of Hume and that one to Canberra to be rideable.  I actually don't mind this, as long as they're marked as highway shoulders on maps.

That actually isn't a bad start.

The lack of an East-West route through the CBD stands out like a dogs bollocks though.

Actually the north south route is only half way there as well (SHB to Town hall)

No easy way to get from Town Hall to central and beyond, all thanks to an intransient state govt.

I have my doubts about just how useful this map currently is.

In looking at my own area I note some pieces of complete fiction.

F'rinstance: From exit of GHF cycleway at Artarmon Reserve, an off-road cycleway is shown going, apparently, along the footpath of Chelmsford Rd -- where no footpath exists. Heading north, this is a majorly steep climb suitable only for the very fit commuter or the masochist. (I identify as the latter, sometimes, and even I avoid it.) The route is shown continuing along the very narrow, winding footpath of Artarmon Rd and descending to meet Cordia Way, the real ped/cycle path, in the next gully. Unfortunately, the only way to access Cordia Way at this point is via a steep flight of often slippery steps from the northern side of Artarmon Rd.

The "cycleway" off Artarmon Rd past nos 58 & 58A Artarmon Rd is wrongly marked. This is, in fact, a rough un-made bush track featuring sharp drop-offs, steps, and steep grades, coming off Artarmon Rd adjacent to no 54. I know a local mountain biker who can ride down it, but I can't. As for up...

The base map seems to be somewhat dubious as well. Like many cycleways, Mowbray Rd, Chatswood, west of the Devonshire St intersection, seems to be missing a section of road popular with motorists. Also, two non-existent sets of traffic lights are shown at the intersections of Stafford and Muttama Rds.

Also, you can forget about using Claude St, marked as access from Johnson St to Chatswood CBD, for the next 18 months at least. An extension to the Albert Av car park is far more important than a cycle route.

Something which Chatswood CBD has in common with Sydney CBD is the lack of any decent route through it, though, in this case, it is a missing north-south route which sticks out like the proverbials. Of course, if you just want to ride around in circles in Chatswood, the map has your needs covered nicely in several places.

I'd like to be more positive but, really, this is another example of governmental spin being put on a complete failure to take bicycle transportation seriously for the last half-century and more. FAIL.

Neil, you're not doing the "aorta" strategy and leaving it up to everyone else to tell them of their mistakes are you?  :-)

If we can all fill them in, the better and more effective this will be.  They have a tag to forward comments to them.  Use it!

OK, I copied my comment above to them.

Unfortunately I can't see that map as providing much benefit to anyone given how discontinuous all the routes are. The routes which aren't complete fiction, that is. And how do you pick those if you aren't familiar with an area?

What a f#$%ing joke.

I think you maybe confused.

That is not a f#$%ing joke. These are f#$%ing jokes..

How do the fish get to school ? By Octobus

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I once said in an interview that the Sydney bicycle network looked like a bowl of noodles accidentally spilled on a map of greater Sydney.  Same noodles, different colours. 

Actually, the map rendering has certainly improved and is now even better at helping to visualise how piecemeal the whole network is - especially if one favours "low difficulty" options.  It also highlights the ongoing failure of creating effective and friendly cross-city routes.   Imagine an overseas cycling tourist having a look at this map for inspiration when considering cycling across NSW?  Tourism NSW may prefer the maps weren't so "helpful".

If only the same resources and effort that goes into building the government's elaborate cycling site went into actual infrastructure build and a more progressive view of how to encourage more cycling.


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