Hi everyone,

I'm just about to leave the country for a while and am selling some parts from a new bike (just taking the frame with me).

These unused parts are listed on ebay too (see link below) but i'm offering them to sydney cyclist members for ~20% reduced prices (to pickup in stanmore, newtown or city):

Fulcrum 7 wheelset   150

Fizik Aliante Saddle  50

105 Shifters  220

105 derailleur (rear) 55

105 brakes  95

FSA MegaExo compact crankset 172.5  140

Ebay link shows details and photos:




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Sorry should have said, for contacting me use sms/call to 0437 126 634 for the quickest response.

I'll check sydney cyclist messaging but not as frequently

I'm just about to leave the country for a while

Hmmm, any other news from you and Nomes... ?

(Sorry, don't need any of that stuff, tempting though it is.)

In other news I've just finished my masters degree in cambridge and am about to start a phd in october. Nomes is now rowing as well as cycling. Cambridge is a lovely place!

Bugger. You've listed almost everything I've upgraded or replaced this year. Including a new left side 105 shifter last week (thanks to Giant Sydney - excellent job!)


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