I currently have an ancient Selle San Marco Era K which has gone too soft in the middle and too hard in the front - it kills me on rides over an hour or two - specially up hills.

I'm not too hung up on brands, but I think some of the flatter styles of Prologo and Fizik saddles with cut outs/channels look like they have potential.

It would be nice to try before I buy -  

Are there any bike shops in Sydney that have a try before you buy saddle program?

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Prologo - the Cycling Projects shop in Ashbury had Prologo saddles for trialling about 10 months or so ago.


Thank you!

I'll give them a ring.

I think my bum is fairly saddle tolerant so I'm not expecting a long and involved process, but on the off chance that my bum does not agree with my choice, I don't want to be spending $150 on a coffee table ornament either :~) 

You can ask for a Fizik test saddle at any Fizik dealer. You can take it for a spin and see what you think.
thanks a lot Susan.
I will ask.
It seems odd that they don't make more of a marketing point out of out.

I like Specialized saddles.  They are of good quality, and a reasonable price.  But whether the shape suits is a very personal thing.  

Velofix in Rozelle have loan saddles.  And I am sure other suppliers would extend that service too.

Thanks Struggler. I have Specialized not far away, but I'm trying not to get too complicated. I want to try a Prologo Zero Pas first.

Thank you Struggler!

(And Jason Brown)

I've now put 250km or so on the Specialized Toupe and I think my bum loves it.

This morning when I was getting close to my 100th km for the weekend (a lot for me!) I was up out of the saddle going up Mona Vale Rd and as I reached the crest I sat down again and as my bum settled into the saddle I my bum said to me "This saddle feels GREAT!". I've taken that little conversation to be proof that the Specialized is the one.

Mind you, it was nearly double the price of the Prologo, but it seems like money well spent!

Wooly's Wheels in Paddo have Specialized loaners, and a measuring system. They also stock Fizik, but I don't think they have testers of those.


Now that I've started looking at it, Specialized does seem to be a good option - some kind of standardised measuring system, seats in a range of widths and a loan system.

Presumably Northside Cyclery in Chatswood would have all this stuff.

Certain persons of both sexes on this site swear by (rather than at) expensive, bizarrely misshapen saddles of the SMP brand. I will confess to owning and liking a cheap version of the BMS-saddle style, the SMP TRK, aimed at tourers.

I couldn't!

But the people who love them seem to really love them.

I'm definitely going to exhaust the flat and semi-flat options before trying the bizarrely bent option!

I bought a Specialized Toupe RBX Gel yesterday.

I sat on the arse-o-meter and was told I have the biggest arse out there.

So I have the "Barge Arse" 155mm wide version - I'm hoping it will work.

Did about 40km this morning to start breaking it in. It's different - Shorter, wider and flatter than the San Marco,

And with a nose so sharp you need to watch your back!

It felt very "unsupportive" for the first hour or so - I felt "on it" not "in it". By the time I got home I think I was starting to feel more into it - Still a tad hard in the front, but that was decreasing as the ride went on.

I've tipped it up at the front just a tad and slid it forward a cm tonight.

Fingers crossed it will do the job for me - worst case they promised to swap it to another model for me!


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