Does anyone know how to sort out getting road cleaning & repairs done?

My SnapSolve app sent my messages to Blacktown council but they say they are not responsible for Richmond Road.

I called the RMS - they put me straight through to somebody's answer machine but I've had no reply from him.

Not feeling too encouraged to ride the bike lane....

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Try this form and include photos. It is obviously more than just a sweep and a clean, it is more like a new shoulder is needed.

You can also use the feedback form on the RMS site

Or email direct
 Quote from the RMS /former rta site:
If your feedback is longer than 400 words or you wish to include attachments, email 
Please note: enquiries are only monitored during business hours (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday). If your enquiry is urgent and involves traffic incidents or management phone 132 701 (24 Hours).

The shot of the passing truck shows the extreme danger such a bad shoulder represents.

I used the


I also go the name of the local guy responsible for organising the work & emailed him the pics.

BTW - the truck was a lucky snap. Timing the iPhone to take action shots is hard.

You could download to your iphone or android (if you have one).

"My SnapSolve app sent my messages to Blacktown council but they say they are not responsible for Richmond Road."

BTW - nobody bothered replying.... Oh no, they just did nothing. I had to call to find out that that road was not their responsibility.

Send this to Barry and his team too. Invite them for a ride.

Yeah - I wonder if this is counted in their "Cycling Infrastructure" statistics.

There is a map of State and Regional roads here. Doesn't name all of them though and doesn't zoom very well.

There is a full list here but that is hard to use.

The beauty of the Bicycleinfo site is that it doesn't matter what the road classification is, they report to the relevant authority.

I notice BNSW has a tiny link to a facility to report problems on their front page, called "missing signs", but can report hazards too. It is a Google map type app.

"Not feeling to encouraged to ride the cyclepath"  - what cyclepath? Is that supposed to be a path? I take it you wouldn't be using a road bike on that one..

Sorry, now corrected.

It's a bike lane & I'm obliged to use it. Threat of death (see truck pic).

Sorry, didn't mean to pick up the labelling of it. I'm just amazed that it could be considered a bike facility. It's completely unusable for all except hardened cyclists with the right kind of bike, and only then as a last resort!

Dr Pedanticus here. It is probably just a shoulder lane with a few bicycle logos in it, not a bike lane. Some time since I have ridden it, but I was surprised to even see the shoulder, which was in much better nick than now. Recent wet weather wouldn't have helped, but hope RMS will treat repairs with some urgency and maybe widening.

Perhaps I should get the details of my nephew's case. Permanently disabled due to a crash directly related & caused by condition of the road - fell from his bicycle into traffic.


7 figure payout because he needs carers full time. Send the RMA the details & ask that they consider repair lest another case occur resulting in a large litigation




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