Does anyone know how to sort out getting road cleaning & repairs done?

My SnapSolve app sent my messages to Blacktown council but they say they are not responsible for Richmond Road.

I called the RMS - they put me straight through to somebody's answer machine but I've had no reply from him.

Not feeling too encouraged to ride the bike lane....

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Anyone know who is responsible for Bike paths and council roads what is there position are they maintenance???

I just got off the phone with the local person responsible for organising maintenance along Richmond Road, Marsden Park

He seemed incredulous that there was any gazetted bicycle facility provided along that road.

I explained that there was indeed a marked bicycle lane provided but it was in such a poor state that I had a choice of being hit by trucks or riding in the ditch.

He assured me that he would be having his crew inspect the area & organise appropriate repairs.

I would like to follow him up with an email confirming our understanding of the call & adding further weight to my claim that it is a cycle lane. I searched the web briefly for something official citing it as a bike lane but I can't find anything.

Can anyone help on an official (pref site that shows bike lanes out this way?


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