Road from Bomaderry to Albion Park - how bike friendly

Prof Google shows the Highway between these places as having a bike shoulder on each side of the road. I drove most of it about 18 months ago but I don't recall that being the case. Can anyone shed some light on this. 

I'm looking to ride between the two places, but about 10 years ago I took the coastal route on the bike via Shoalhaven Heads then catching the train from Gerringong. I'd been advised that the highway from Gerringong to Kiama was particularly dangerous, but the bogan tradies using the route that I took kept the stress levels high.

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I've  ridden that route a couple of times.  Each time I rode the coastal road rejoining the highway at Gerringong.  The highway from Gerringong to Kiama is fine, sealed shoulder.   I rode thru Kiama  and then took the back roads + bike path to Albion park and in my case the bike paths to  Wollongong

Driving Berry to Kiama recently I noticed a lack of shoulder on a critical section as you crest the ridge at a left bend after the climb up from Gerringong. Looked quite dangerous there. Thanks RMS, usual high standards.

Dropped pin
near National Route 1, Kiama Heights NSW 2533

There was a shoulder coming the other way, not sure if continuous. 

The new highway section Gerringong to Berry had a wide shoulder, but it too conked out approaching Berry. 

Dabba, if really adventurous, you can follow the walking trail near the coast from Gerringong to Kiama. We did it on touring bikes, unloaded, and left some mountain bikers flabbergasted. Quite up and down, and slow on grassy sections, but scenic!

What you don't see is the deep drain there. If you were to duck off to the left it would not be, pleasant.

Thought about mentioning that track but assumed it wouldn't work for a loaded tourer.

Come to think of it,we did have panniers, but it was only a two day ride, not much gear.

I don't recall a dangerous section, I was riding north from Gerringong

Looking at the satellite map on google maps you can see the sealed shoulder

Are these streetmap pix likely to be current?  I'm wary of google's currency with mapping and satellite stuff at this stage.

However, it does seem to be in line with my recollections from the 2016 trip.

You can ride in the gutter for that bit

After having a squiz at the Strava heatmap for the area and Streetview, it looks like the safest route for a mid/late morning ride is probably

Bomaderry > Berry = Princes Hwy

Berry > Gerringong = Beach Rd + Gerroa Rd

Gerringong > Kiama = looks like the walking path gets a lot of bike use, and so does the hway but, those northbound shoulders look crap, especially with potentially late morning mid week traffic. Can you give me any more on walking path Bob? Ride-able with full touring load, etc?

The objective at Albion Park Rail is the aviation museum, so even though the distance may not be too great, I'll probably make an overnighter at Shellharbour via Minnamurra and cycleways, then plan to arrive at the museum on opening time the next day. After the museum, I'll catch trains home.

I did Bmaderry to Berry via Back Road and Coolangatta Rd once, was OK, pretty quiet.

The alignment is unchanged there. The pictures can be taken as current

The expressway runs all the way from Kiama to Bomaderry now. Drove it a couple of weeks ago. Looked like a pretty good shoulder, nice wide breakdown lane. ( Cycleway)...


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