Road from Bomaderry to Albion Park - how bike friendly

Prof Google shows the Highway between these places as having a bike shoulder on each side of the road. I drove most of it about 18 months ago but I don't recall that being the case. Can anyone shed some light on this. 

I'm looking to ride between the two places, but about 10 years ago I took the coastal route on the bike via Shoalhaven Heads then catching the train from Gerringong. I'd been advised that the highway from Gerringong to Kiama was particularly dangerous, but the bogan tradies using the route that I took kept the stress levels high.

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Thanks Tony. I'll have to give that some more thought. Maybe catch an arvo train from Bomaderry to Kiama after the ride downhill from Nerriga. There are more accommodation options from there on. When I've travelled on these trains I always go straight to the place for prams and wheelchairs. I've always been ready to move, and as there is no repacking of the bike needed, it's a bit easier, but I do know that this train does get packed on some trips. Fortunately, as yet, I've not had to do that.

You'd think that they'd add a third carriage to make this more user friendly. They did that for the peak hour Hunter trains. Whoops, they would have to put the "service" back into Public Transport!

If they made public transport work there wouldn't be a case to privatise it would there?

I don't think this train has a pram and wheelchair area but I could be wrong. An alternative for you would be to ride to Gerringong which is the last station before Kiama and then using the vestibule wouldn't be a problem.

Every one of the 2 car diesel sets that I've ridden on, including to/from Bomaderry, have a wheelchair area. It's in the carriage with the toilet, and is just near the toilet, so enter from the middle door. It's in the main part of the carriage just as you go through the entry door near the toilet.

I wouldn't consider riding between Gerringong ad Kiama unless i was in a bunch and did it very early, even then i would be very nervous. There are blind corners and not much shoulder on "the Bends" and as someone else mentioned it is 80kph. Past Kiama, on the tourist road through Jambaroo is fine and have ridden many times.

It's interesting that when Roads & Maritime Services sought public comment on the preliminary documentation for a future extension of the M1 Princes Motorway between Yallah and Oak Flats, to bypass Albion Park Rail, NO PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS WERE RECEIVED.  That comment period was between 11.12.17 and 22.12.17.

The final preliminary documentation is now on display till 14 .2.18.(yes, TOMORROW) at the RMS website -

"Interested persons are invited to view the final preliminary documentation.  The period to provide public comment has closed".

Reference - S.M.Herald, 7.2.18.

Bicycle NSW and IBUG  Made submissions . Seems they were mainly concerned about local access on one section, not through routes. The project maps indicate that the motorway will have "on road bike paths", which I think means a shoulder. No M7 style bike paths. I guess most through cyclists would go via Port Kembla and Shellharbour anyway?


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