Great forum, I have been reading for a while, can anyone help with the following...
Two things..
1. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get the bike path which goes across Roseville Bridge path fixed up. It is nothing short of deadly...
2.  A bike lane on the city bound section of RV Bridge - who can we lobby to get his instigated.. 

Currently the bike path is to dangerous to ride and the road is only suitable if you are akin to a kamikaze.

Thanks folks. ;-)

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I feel your pain. I live in Roseville and this bridge is a huge obstacle to cycling in the area. The path across the bridge is uneven, narrow and strewn with debris. Then there is the really annoying switchback under the bridge on Roseville side that is incredibly steep and often slippery. I am involved with Bike North and they are definitely aware of the problems with this route. However, improvements would require a decent chunk of funding which is sometimes hard to come by.

I'm very keen to see a good East-West route established through Roseville and across Roseville Bridge, preferrably all the way to Lane Cove National Park. Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles. Firstly, there is no way in the world that any space will be taken away from cars due to the high traffic volume. Secondly, i've been told that any off-road path building on the North-West side would require expensive excavation. Thirdly, the "bike path" was only ever designed for the occasional pedestrian to wander across and the design of the bridge makes it expensive to retrofit a real bike path. Similar problems exist on the Gladesville Bridge and many others in Sydney. It is as though engineers imagined that people were going to lose the ability to walk or ride bikes in the future.

There are a whole bunch of things that could be done to improve the route though. For example:
1. Widen and improve the footpath on the Forestville side.
2. Connect the Malga Ave overpass to the existing path on the Roseville side (thus avoiding the switchback).

In summary, Bike North will certainly recommend that this route is improved, but it usually takes a bit of luck and a lot of prodding before something major like this gets done.

I have been cycling along the now shared pedestrian/bike footpath down from Crown of the Hill Shops.  The only things to watch out for are cars exiting the side streets which you should slow down for anyway.

The path along the side of the bridge is not too bad.  It is cleaned regularly but a little bumpy from the interlocked concrete panels.

The major obstacle as Tony mentioned is the switchback under the bridge on Roseville side.  I second that it is incredibly steep (my Strava gave a grade of 15!) and can be very slippery when strewn with leaf litter and wet.  I combat this by staying in my saddle to ensure weight is on my rear tyre but that is difficult to do unless you have strong legs given the steep gradient.

It is then a pretty clear run to Roseville Chase Shops. 


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