Hi All,

I'm doing the Gong Ride on Sunday and plan to ride back if my legs are feeling reasonable.

1/ Bulli Pass and Princess Hway, but I heard last year going up Bulli was pretty daunting. 

2/ Mt Kiera Road, then Clive Bissell Dr to the top of Mt Ousley Rd - the ride the shoulder to the Princess Highway. Virtually no traffic up Mt Kiera but need to ride the shoulder from the top of Mt Ousley to the Princess Hway.

3/ Is there another way?

Does anybody know how rideable the Mt Ousley Rd shoulder between the Mt Kiera lookout turn off and the Bulli Pass turnoff is?

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Well done for mastering the return ride, but... IINOSIDH - can we have the link to the evidence please? ;-)

For the non-believers!

My legs are tired today :~)


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