My new ride to work means I'm coming over the Harbour Bridge and need to get to Surry Hills.

This morning I came down Kent street on the bike path - what a painful experience that was, having to stop every 50 meters and wait for the quick flask of a green 'bike' light before it went red again.

Can anyone suggest a quicker, more flowing route between the two places. I'm thinking probably Elizabeth Street for the majority of the ride, but not sure where best to cross the city to get too / from the SHB.

And is there only one way to cross the SHB (ie the bike lane on the west side of the bridge) or is there one on the East as well?



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You can't cross on the east side, pedestrians only. A friend used to turn right as he came off the bridge and go down Watson rd, right onto argyle and past Circular Quay to the eastern edge of the CBD, there'd be a route up to College St somewhere. When I ride in I prefer to take York St southbound and Clarence St northbound but I only go as far as Town Hall.

At the southern end of the SHB take the pedestrian subway to the east side, ride south along Cumberland abt 200m and climb the stairs before the road overpass to the eastern path. Follow it above Circ Quay beside the Cahill Expwy. Cycling is allowed on this part but stay slow and give way to peds.

A ramp on the far side of the Quay takes you down to the east side of Macquarie St or you can enter the driveway to Govt House and, ahem, walk south to the Conservatorium to avoid a bit of traffic. You are then stuck with using Macquarie St to the College St Cycleway (while it still exists) or you can duck around the back of the State Library and through the Domain.

Cheers guys - a couple of options to try there.

I still prefer Kent St over York St mainly because I just don't like buses. I'd rather go slowly - wait a few minutes - etc - than get crushed by a bus.  Then I prefer King St mixing with cars over going up Druitt St/Park St with buses going up the hill.

I do a right into Castlereigh - then left on footpath at Market - cross over to Hyde Park - to College.

College St - Oxford St - then you're in Surry Hills.


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