Is there a bike friendly route from Albury to Wodonga? Is there a bikepath on the causeway?

(Last time I rode thru there I crossed the Murray in the breakdown lane of the Hume.)

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Try having a squiz at the Strava heat map for the area. It shows plenty of options. 

The above is for Newcastle.

Strava shows the causeway is the way to go. Still don't know if there is a bike path. Council web sites not helpful.

The causeway isn't too bad. Two lanes, 80km/h, a wide shoulder. You've also got the side streets and footpaths along the way. Check out google maps for a good view.

Off topic... I made the news by diving off Union bridge into the Murray river when I was in high school. Now they throw you in jail if you try.

Thanks Peter. Side streets plotted.


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