Route planning through the city - help please

In the evening I need to ride from Oxford St over the Harbour Bridge home. Previously I rode Oxford-College-Macquarie then across Circular Quay (carefully) - George - Argyle then Watson Rd.

Circular Quay is now closed with light rail construction.

Any suggestions please?

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Tram Tracks, arn't the a flash back - and tricky little devils

You only make the mistake once (or twice in my case). Still have the asphalt tattoo.

Miss the climb and try Oxford, College, Park (turns into Druitt), Clarence. It is my standard route from Oxford St to the north. Beware of drunk/careless peds when turning off Druitt onto Clarence. Beware of buses on  Clarence in peak hour (avoid the left hand lane or you'll get stuck in it and be behind a stationary bus) . Beware of cars coming off Kent at the SHB approach.


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