For a while now I have been planning tours using Google Maps but there are some destinations you put in and you get a dog legged route (for sh!ts and giggles try Canberra to Bundanoon and you will see what I mean). To get around this I have been using the car routes but this has meant I have missed a good alternative (I used old Wingello Road and it was heaven compared to the Highland Way.

I would like a site with the route profile. I would also like to access it using my android tablet or windows computer. Not having to subscribe is also a bonus.

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Found this today while looking for places to stay on my 2017 bike tour back from Adelaide (again!).  It seems to complement some of the other similar sites that I use.

The free Strava route builder does this. Very easy to use (click to creat your route, drag the route to an alternative road etc). You can opt to select "most popular" (i.e. where do other Strava riders ride - and thank them for helping you avoid the 80km single lane road) &/or "least elevation". You can toggle the elevation profile on or off, and hover your cursor over it to get spot point gradient, elevation and distance etc. Once finished you can export the route .tcx or .gpx file to your GPS device to use it as a turn-by-turn route guidance or map, or access it from the Strava app on your phone etc.

Is it a Premium only service or open to all Strava users?

No, it's available to free / basic members as well. It's one thing I am quite thankful for about Strava - their premium (paid) service only adds about ~10% of functions, and the stuff most users are less likely to want (unless a bit hardcore with their data & anaylsis). I think the premium service allows you to take someone else's ride and convert it to a .tcs/.gpx file to upload to your device - i.e. "that ride looks nice, I've never done it before so don't know where to go, I'm going to use it as my map" type thing.

I've found the route builder incredibly handy when riding overseas or somewhere for the first time, as you can a) work out how to get there and b) take advantage of the routes other people use and assume local knowledge is best. It also has a "okay now I'm lost or need to turn around, find me a route home" option which could be handy (I haven't had to use it yet). It's also quite handy to know not only how far you've gone, but also how much further you've got to go!

I put together some directions on how to build a route and export to your Garmin, see the attachment below. I think it needs a bit of updating since they changed the website interface (step 1 has changed - now click on dashboard >> my routes >> create new route), but the general intent and functionality is roughly the same. It's fairly simple. If you use the Strava app on your phone you can't create routes, but they are available after you save them on the website (tap profile, scroll down to routes, choose the one you want to use).



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