Rozelle Goods Yard Bicycle Links- meeting with John Holland Joint Venture.

I went to a meeting today with John Holland Joint Venture who are doing the Westconnex stage 3 tunnels under Lilyfield and Rozelle, and are also responsible for converting the Goods Yard to open space and providing cycle and foot paths across it, by 2022/23. Site preparation is commencing now and major work in 2020.

The final plan for the Rail Yard is still being prepared, due out in August, but they did clarify a number of issues. There will also be a “mini EIS” in August on a new proposal for a motor vehicle bridge over the City West Link at The Crescent and modifications to foot and pedestrian bridges.

They say existing routes will be retained during construction, or detours put in place, including Lilyfield Rd at Victoria Rd, and The Crescent to Anzac Bridge route, even though the footbridges will be removed to widen Victoria Rd, starting with the Lilyfield Rd footbridge in early 2019. They mentioned a temporary bridge across Victoria Rd. They ruled out a temporary link through the Goodsyard and under Victoria Rd, because of construction work and need for vehicle access from the port area. Also, they seemed to be ruling out using James Craig Drive and Sommerville Rd under the Anzac Bridge to get up to the Digger statue. Likely to be complicated, with various detours needed at different stages.

Good news for cyclists,if not Buruwan Park lovers, is that a bike path will be retained from Railway Pde to The Crescent and along to Johnston St past the mural. The Park itself is still expected to go.

The Victoria Rd shared path route off the new Iron Cove Bridge will be cut at Byrne St, for tunnel works, but they are looking at finding room for a path behind the works site, instead of the original plan to lose height down Byrne and then come back up on Moodie St. The path off the old IC Bridge and up to Darling St will remain unaffected.

They are required to build a new bike link along Victoria Rd between Terry St and Robert St, but are still arguing with Inner West Council on how to do this.

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Thanks for the info.  I was hoping that the old cycle bridges could be reused elsewhere, eg the relatively new curved bridge over Anzac bridge approach could be repositioned at the North end of the Galdesville bridge to bypass over the current "goat track".  Any discussion on this at all?

Good news about the temporary path off IC bridge avoiding Moodie.

Really good news about the Terry to Robert St path, as the original approval did not include that piece.  If it gets built properly the route from Iron Cove Bridge to Anzac Bridge will be much improved. (Fingers crossed that IWC holds them accountable).  Just need the old glebe island bridge to be closed, and opened to cycle traffic, and we'll see "build it and they will come" in action.

Can we make submissions to the "mini EIS"?

I’ve just sent an email asking them.  Not sure if a prestressed structure can be reused but worth asking.

Re the mini EIS, Yes, I think so, when it comes out. 


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