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Just wanted to let you know that the "boys in blue" are targeting the intersection of Murray and Pyrmont Bridge Road in Pyrmont - just at Pyrmont Bridge.  They were there this morning at about &:30 am 28/2.  My details were taken for running the red light while in the cycle lane when the roadway had a green light.  Based on my research it's going to be a $57 fine - but no loss of points.

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I agree with your comments and King to SHB is on my commute, the lights are a joke. I do stop at each one most afternoons, simply because I am not in a rush to get home 5 mins earlier but I do understand people running those particular lights. In the mornings I always switch to the car lane on Kent St after the SHB as the first lights you come to are almost always red for bicycles but green for cars.

Agreed, but I think the intersection of Murray St and Pyrmont Bridge Rd is particularly bad, as mostly the bike lanterns don't change when the pedestrian light changes. I think this intersection has a problem due to the bike sensor not being triggered.

Turning left around the corner on a red is another quirk - i mean at the King St - Kent St intersection - so Kent St cyclists going south cant turn left when the King St when they have a red.  There is nothing in the way of the cyclist turning left. 

Here is a story in Copenhagenize about police booking right turning cyclists (running a red) - or cutting a corner riding on a the footpath.  http://www.copenhagenize.com/2012/02/police-tickets-no-new-is-big-n... - I do like the quote from this -

Anette Jerup Jørgensen is a researcher at Danish Cyclists Federation and she said in an article in a Danish newspaper today that, "What happens in our bicycle culture is that there is a pragmatic interpretation of the rules. People think that as long as they don't bother others, they can bend the rules here and there."


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