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Just wanted to let you know that the "boys in blue" are targeting the intersection of Murray and Pyrmont Bridge Road in Pyrmont - just at Pyrmont Bridge.  They were there this morning at about &:30 am 28/2.  My details were taken for running the red light while in the cycle lane when the roadway had a green light.  Based on my research it's going to be a $57 fine - but no loss of points.

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Agreed, but I think the intersection of Murray St and Pyrmont Bridge Rd is particularly bad, as mostly the bike lanterns don't change when the pedestrian light changes. I think this intersection has a problem due to the bike sensor not being triggered.

Turning left around the corner on a red is another quirk - i mean at the King St - Kent St intersection - so Kent St cyclists going south cant turn left when the King St when they have a red.  There is nothing in the way of the cyclist turning left. 

Here is a story in Copenhagenize about police booking right turning cyclists (running a red) - or cutting a corner riding on a the footpath.  http://www.copenhagenize.com/2012/02/police-tickets-no-new-is-big-n... - I do like the quote from this -

Anette Jerup Jørgensen is a researcher at Danish Cyclists Federation and she said in an article in a Danish newspaper today that, "What happens in our bicycle culture is that there is a pragmatic interpretation of the rules. People think that as long as they don't bother others, they can bend the rules here and there."


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