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O_O At least you would hear them coming?

I saw that before and it was somewhere on this site that I`ve forgotten of whereabout.

Useful on that overgrown path David. Or a bit of illegal logging somewhere.

Yes Bob, Need those for Liverpool railtrail cycleway. ;-)

That bicycle is unsafe. You'll notice that the front fender doesn't have a release mechanism so if something gets stuck between the fender and the front wheel it will cause a crash. By the look of the bent fender this may have already happened. Simple safety devices can make all the difference.

More insanity here - - notice how the female cyclists only get maimed and injured whereas the males usually die.

And that all the motorists are incapable of driving to avoid a collision.

notice how the female cyclists only get maimed and injured whereas the males usually die.

George(#2) , Art and Joe did quite well!

I too have tempted injury by looking up at new transport planes while cycling.

That link is fantastic. And imagine if they ran that campaign today, "they're trying to put people off cycling", we'd bellow.

Oh wait ... maybe that explains the continual erosion in numbers since the 40s ...

I do not support illegal trail building which is obviously what this bike was designed to do on the fly.

Naah it's a joke.

The saw wouldn't work when riding along, you cut across and low, not vertically and up high.


Postie bikes are the tool of choice, and can be used on private land of course.

As Bob stated the 1st sentence to me,that we need this for ignorant b@$t@rd$ of not cutting up this railtrail cycleway weeds for months such as this pic show that need a hair cut.

Agreed David, that's pretty b@$t@rd$ly neglect but, well, since we sometimes can't seem to rely on those who are responsible to do what they should be doing, maybe it's a job for some guerilla gardeners...?


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