various styles and states of usage offered.

from left to right

used Brooks Flyer, the one with springs. used for my first Audax riding. A good commuter saddle. $30 SOLD

Selle Anatomica, used once, maybe twice. plenty of life left. $30 SOLD

Selle Anatomica, red, used extensively. Adjustment bolt and end of its range. Holes punched in side of saddle to tighten up leather. This mod untried on this saddle but it worked well to extend the use on another SA I have. GONE

Selle Anatomica Titanico X, honey brown. Extensively used on Audax and commuting. Not at the end of its adjustment but close. GONE.

Selle Anatomica Titanico X, dark brown. Brand spanking new, still attached to sales board thingie. these things are instantly comfortable, get it now. $75 SOLD

We'll figure out shipping, or pick up Norwest region.

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Selle Anatomica Titanico X, dark brown. Brand spanking new, still attached to sales board thingie. these things are instantly comfortable, get it now. $75


This looks like a radical change in your seating arrangements, Rob. What is the plan from here?

Oh, BTW, what I really want to know is what you used to punch the holes in the sides of the red one. I am thinking I'll do the same with mine. 

I'll still have two Selle Anatomica saddles Neil. One new and the other with holes and all strapped up, seen below.

Those are set aside for when my new Rivet saddles fail to please my butt. I've decided to give the Rivets a go even so they seem to be chiselled out of mahogany, or granite. I have two models, one with cutout and the other without. The cutout model is destined for the new bike and I'd like it worn in for the shakedown ride. The solid model goes on my road bike in an attempt to correct some issues I have with left butt cheek droop, a topic for another post perhaps.

As for holes, Bunnings sell a leather hole punch set in the tools section. This mod has worked very well for reducing inner leg rub, these saddles like to spread a bit. Some seem to spread more than others, quite far from the near vertical you see on the sides of Brooks, or practically every other manufacturer's saddle.

The Rivet saddles are folded and fastened together underneath, the strapping is an attempt to replicate that feature with the added feature of being adjustable.

What diameter holes?

I have access to a set of leather punches.

shoe lace size John, I chose 5mm, a bit smaller would be OK.

It seems to be an awful lot of trouble to go to in order to get these expensive leather "comfortable" saddles to be comfortable!  I think that I'll stick with my comfortable $45 gel specials and just replace them as needs be, leaving saddle maintenance and rain issues to others!

Some people just like to tinker with things.

They're not really so expensive, anyway. I think, from memory, the landed cost of my SA leather saddle was less than $A120, including the lotion/potion to treat it.

Cf Mr O''s favoured BMS SMP "Pro" saddle which retails for upwards of $300.

What's the plan from here? 

I feel it in my bones that Rob has seen the light!


O' don't u start with the BMS (bizarrely mis-shapen) saddle propaganda, JK. We've had far too much of that from anO'ther quarter...

EDIT: Oh, BTW I'll be in touch about leather punches!

Heh heh heh!

No worries about the punches - I just need a little notice to bring them home from work.

got those John, two infact. A 300km ride on one was all I could take, for me it is a short ride only saddle.

My longest is 250 or so and the Dynamic did OK - I only had a little chafing the next day - and considering how sore my legs were, my butt came out of it fairly well.

I've found that when I get tired, I start to hurt - or go numb - with each of the three or four saddles I've tried.


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