various styles and states of usage offered.

from left to right

used Brooks Flyer, the one with springs. used for my first Audax riding. A good commuter saddle. $30 SOLD

Selle Anatomica, used once, maybe twice. plenty of life left. $30 SOLD

Selle Anatomica, red, used extensively. Adjustment bolt and end of its range. Holes punched in side of saddle to tighten up leather. This mod untried on this saddle but it worked well to extend the use on another SA I have. GONE

Selle Anatomica Titanico X, honey brown. Extensively used on Audax and commuting. Not at the end of its adjustment but close. GONE.

Selle Anatomica Titanico X, dark brown. Brand spanking new, still attached to sales board thingie. these things are instantly comfortable, get it now. $75 SOLD

We'll figure out shipping, or pick up Norwest region.

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on the Selle Anatomica, 300 is not a problem.

I just need to get rid of some stuff, other stuff is also going.

Selle Anatomica, used once, maybe twice. plenty of life left. $30


Brooks Flyer, still available? If so, put my name on it Rob please.


I don't know how you keep your years old leather saddles looking so pristine, my Selle Anatomica looks like it has been used for 8 years and not the 8 months in reality.

Saddles ! Deep down I know it is me, I am blessed with an anatomy which has "special" needs. I only short list saddles with 95% or hundreds of reviewers saying "this is the best...." and then look for randonneurs who say "just threw this saddle on the bike and immediately set off  on a 600 km ride and was immediately and continuously super comfortable...and improved my performance 50%...", But when I buy it and they are immediately very uncomfortable and no amount of adjustment seems to help...

I am not going to buy another saddle, one of the ones I have must be suitable, a couple show promise and then after a few good rides turn around and bite me in the ...

Selle Anatomica is as close as I have got so far but has its weak points, I am currently pulverising persevering with a Brooks Cambium which was very hard and rubbed the back of my legs but has got better after I moved it backwards a couple of centimetres, also better when paired with  Netti Ballistic knicks (but they have been discontinued!) . I don't want to be special, just want a comfortable saddle for long (longer) rides

Maybe I just have to keep riding until all nerves in the appropriate areas have been ridden into submission.

I'm still enjoying the Prologo saddle ("the one Contador uses") on my Lynskey, Bill. I just came back from a 100km ride, my longest in a-a-a-ages, with practically no bum soreness at all. The comfort may have been enhanced by my use of a brand new pair of PI knicks, as well.


Yes I have a Prologo (Scratch I think), 95% or reviewers said it "was the best..." and even Rando Richard said it was good on a 600...but was not good for me on a 200, was good on a 50, ok on a 100 but the last 50 of the 200 was bad, but maybe if I persevered?

Paradoxically my fastest (ever) moving average for a 200 (although it was a flattish Parkes one, but warm and a strongish head wind much of the day) was using the prologo but balanced by too many stops as I couldn't keep pedalling, maybe hardening up is required as I said, or using the nice nics with good padding? Of course that opens another can of worms with 95% of people says "xxx nics are the best..." but will they be for me?

I have an impression (based on extensive records) that I am fastest on uncomfortable saddles and slower on more comfortable one, I WANT BOTH !! (the fast / comfortable not the slow / uncomfortable)

Good to see you are in training for 2019, you will deserve the hat

Maybe I just have to keep riding until all nerves in the appropriate areas have been ridden into submission.

Ah the secret formulae for all saddles - particularly Brooks


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