Safe commuter route Paddington to The Grounds Alexandria

Hello commuters. My niece has just bought herself an upright type bike to ride from Cook Rd Paddington to her new job in Alexandria just near The Grounds. She's a bit freaked out by the traffic 😞

Anybody on here know a safe, off-road / quiet roads route I could share with her? She's currently going down Bourke Rd and doesn't seem to like it much. I've looked at all the usual mapping services but can't find anything specific. 

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Bourke Rd is not actually too bad once you get to it because it has an ok half or full separated cyclepath. The problem is the section of Bourke St between Phillip and Green Square after the Bourke St cyclepath stops. 

You can thank your state government and RMS for refusing to cooperate with City of Sydney and put any cycle infra links on state-controlled road sections.

There are not many alternatives - there are some back routes through that area but none very practical. City of Sydney have classed the footpath as a shared path for its whole length though, so I would take that and watch out for pedestrians especially near Dank St. 

At some point, she might get enough confidence to take the lane going downhill southwards, but its hardly ideal.

Thanks for that. I didn't know the footpath was shared path and doubt she does either. I'll update her. 

It's crazy that the actual cycleway didn't get extended. 

She may know about this part already but it is worth mentioning that there is a separated cycle path along Allen and Mandible Streets that avoids the Bourke Road, O'Riordan, and Botany Road intersection.

You can see it on the Sydney Cycleways map:

She could even take the "scenic route" and use George St cycleway plus some back streets through Redfern that run parallel to Cleveland Street.

> there is a separated cycle path along Allen and Mandible Streets that avoids the Bourke Road, O'Riordan, and Botany Road intersection.

This is the one I was looking for ; yes, I was shown and recommended this bit to avoid the ugly part of the Bourke Road ; I suspect that is the bit that puts people off.

That's great and the route looks good - thanks.
I found a RMS map resource that is actually useful! The only good thing RMS have done for cycling in Sydney. 

What route is she using to get to Bourke rd?

Hi Mike. She's using the DHBC slowies route from Centennial to Bourke Rd as her street joins Lang Rd where the horse stable are. 

That's the one I would of suggested, there are other routes but if she is using CP for the initial/final leg, then that's the choice.

BTY I'm voting Bourke rd cycle-way using the footpath for the missing link

Check this map for routes.

Apart from Cook Rd itself, she can do the whole thing on separated cycleways and shared paths, and very directly. It's the sort of journey that is much easier by bike than just about any other mode of transport. 4.5 km of flat cycling.

Here's the map:

(The footpath of Bourke St is a shared path between Philip St and Bourke Rd; she should take caution crossing roads and driveways along that stretch.)

Very ugly riding there

That segment of Bourke rd is a like a black hole that depending on the time of the day gets very ugly to ride.

Sometimes I prefer to do an extra mile but enjoy the ride a bit more....,+Centennial+Park+NSW+202...!4m44!4m43!1m35!1m1!1s0x6b12ae01c16f1d73:0xb6de49560c4f200a!2m2!1d151.2294667!2d-33.8936624!3m4!1m2!1d151.224118!2d-33.8961741!3s0x6b12b1fce5e86927:0x411356e7ecf77e9a!3m4!1m2!1d151.2067495!2d-33.8961227!3s0x6b12b1dc56f600bf:0x7b7e7199a88e3bea!3m4!1m2!1d151.2036357!2d-33.8967785!3s0x6b12b1db42b39169:0x13017d67e5a893a1!3m4!1m2!1d151.2019738!2d-33.8968985!3s0x6b12b1db2d3edb8b:0x7c3c3b318cee7864!3m4!1m2!1d151.1947508!2d-33.8999727!3s0x6b12b1cede189269:0x69ca9fdfc0b1a91b!3m4!1m2!1d151.1920584!2d-33.9063415!3s0x6b12b1b5e8af8815:0x82cd5efa0f4d440!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b12b1b6a409b215:0xaf0cfe2766ccbc4a!2m2!1d151.194276!2d-33.910617!3e2


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