Salsa Casseroll Road Bike - 53cm (equiv. to 56cm) - 2008 - Comfy steel all day road bike.


Hey Sydney Cyclist.


Nick's my name. Some of you may know me, as I work at Cheeky Transport in Newtown.


I'm clearing out some space in the shed for a new mountain bike, so looking for a good home for this Salsa Casseroll - It's up on ebay here: 


The best way to think about the Casseroll is that they're 'Road' bikes, rather than 'Racing' bikes..


If you're keen, I'm open to offers - email me directly at


Description is as follows:


Salsa Casseroll 105 Triple Road Bike 53cm - As per the manufacturers geometry info, linked below, a 53 in this frame is equivalent to a 56cm in traditional sizing.

Some parts swapped off - the original Salsa stem was recalled, and I never liked the stock bars, so there's a BBB stem and Pro Bars on there. The original saddle is long gone too.

Pedals not included.

This bike has NEW TYRES, NEW 105 CHAIN, NEW 105 CASSETTE (11-28)

Generally, nice, comfy upright all-day road bike - suit centuries, long days in the country, light touring, audax/randonneur type riding.

Some wear and tear and corrosion, as show in the photos.

Runs pretty good. Could do with a couple of new gear and brake cables.

Will pack professionally and courier any where in Australia for an additional $40 plus courier charges, can pickup from inner-west Sydney, or deliver with 80km of Sydney inner-west.

Have a read of the original brochure to get a feel for what this bike is all about.


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Bugger. I've just spent the last two weeks looking for a steel frame bike. Your Salsa would have been perfect. Unfortunately I bought one yesterday. A Schwinn Madison single speed. Not in the same class but I didn't care if I got a bike with gears or not. 

Oh well. My bad timing is someone else's good fortune.

Not to mention Dan, he's got a few of them!

Indeed, although I'm now down to just the fixie!

Be interested to see how you go on eBay; I tried to sell the same bike about six month ago, but failed:

I did sell it via this site in the end. Nice bike - very comfortable to ride. Where did the mudguards go?

PS You may remember me; we met at ante-natal classes about 2 years ago. How are you all doing? Have you got the little one on a bike yet?

hi dan - yep i do recall. kiddo got a balance bike for christmas, but it's a little beyond her at this stage. next 6 months or so and we'll be golden. we get around on a bobike mini regularly though which she loves.

the guards are in use on something else, but nice that it can fit them and a sensible tyre.

Agree Kylie, I have been sititing here thinking how I could justify another bike purchase...... but I think it is too large (probably just as well...).  How tall are you Nick?

I'm 183cm / 6ft. I guess the size would suite a rider from 5'10" to 6'2".

I have that size frame, and it fits me OK - I'm 175cm tall.

/2.54cm = ~69" = 5'9"


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