I've just discovered this much to my disappointment.

Those of you who tour or take rides on the back road between Lithgow and Tarana may well have stopped off at the cafe there for a feed. They were justifiable known for their sausage rolls which I thought were the best I've ever tasted.

Anyway they had to close and move to Oberon over a dispute with council regarding their septic tank.


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Bummer! I'd been planning a stop there on my next trip between Lithgow and Bathurst. The one at Meadow Flat went years ago. I suspect that the only remaining food stop is on the GWH about 20k east of Bathurst. Makes the route through Tarana a bit less attractive, although I suppose a detour to the pub at O'Connell is an option, if it's still operating!

Pub across the road was still operating last time I was through there, last year or two, although I always went to the cafe. A few years ago, on a Audax ride that robflyte was on the pub supplied some cooking oil for a bike chain needing a lube and they apparently had much merriment thereafter asking each cyclist who came in if they needed cooking oil too.

Pub in Tarana I mean although the pub and cafe at O'Connell still going recently too

It's quite a while since I stopped at the Tarana pub, but IIRC they sold beer, and food was almost non existant. Has that changed?

  1. Had a good hamburger at the pub last time I was there, also admittedly some time ago, but their website says open 7 days for lunch and dinner. A bit exy but no competition, and a great place to stop.

Tony, it seems to have reopened, Google reviews in the last few weeks, Mumma Snow's Country Kitchen, together with a new train stop at Tarana (& Rydal) , discussion now trending on SydneyCyclist


I plan to be riding thru there soon so that is excellent news.

Hopefully they still have the home made sausage rolls with the homemade tomato relish. Yum.

(Something to fuel me up the climb into Lithgow as in discussion now trending on Sydney Cyclist. I've done it but on an 18 inch low gear.) 


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