Save College St Cycleway - Rally Number Two - 5:30pm Friday 27 February, Zombie Ride

Fact # 1 -The College Street Cycleway carries more cyclists than the adjacent roadway carries motorists during peak hours:

Fact # 2 - The College Street Cycleway is one of the most utilised pieces of cycling infrastructure in the city:

Fact # 3 - The College Street Cycleway does not cause traffic congestion in the CBD:

Fact # 4 - The State Government intends to renege on a deal to only remove the College St Separated Cycleway once an alternative on Castlreagh St was completed. Not only do they intend to rip up College St imminently, they propose to construct a "part time" cycleway on Castlereagh St.

Those are the facts. We know them, the State Government knows them, Duncan Gay knows them. And yet here we are, about to lose a key part of the Sydney cycleway network.

We are not take this lying down! It is time to take to the streets to really demonstrate our numbers and draw attention to this decision which simply can not be justified.

At 4pm on Sunday February 8 let's gather at the Archibald Fountain in North Hyde Park. Let's ride the cycleway together, connect with our fellow Sydneysiders who see cycling as part of the city's future and something to protect and encourage. Let's have a fun time, let's have serious conversations with each other, let's lay down the foundations and make the connections to start a movement to save the College St Cycleway. 

Share the event with your friends:

This is not just about cycling.

This is about livable cities for people.

This is about prioritising humans above motor vehicles, providing for sustainable access to the CBD.

This is about acknowledging that the "roads of the 21st century" are not roads for private motor vehicles, but are improved public transportation and improved conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

We need to gather broad support if we are to be successful, so push the message out into your networks and let's put a stop to this proposed vandalism of our city.

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Bells on!


I'm there.


Please clarify the time in the headline.

I wasn't sure it was running from 1300 to 1600 or starting at 1600.

I can see it's the latter by reading the text but you don't want to rely on people to do that.

Sorted :)

Great idea - but if you want media coverage on Sunday evening TV news and even Monday morning papers, you will need to have an earlier start ...

I'm in.


I'm in.

Will be there and have shared on Facebook


I think we need a regular mid week rally/sit in too, at corner of Oxford and College at 8 am to catch commuters.

If everyone was asked to used the road or Hyde Park one morning would that be effective, not illegal to use the road?

Of course it is legal, only bicycle lanes prevent us from using the road (unless the bicycle lane is unsafe etc.)

I'm at work by 8, but a three times loop of College street, Oxford to Price Albert return, might do a trick.


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