Great news today - the ramp for the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is going to be built next year:

Yes, it is long overdue and it isn't a link all the way up to Falcon St and on to the path along the highway, but it is a positive news story never the less.

Project overview here:

Skip to 50 seconds for news on elveators for the pedestrian side and description of improved access on both north and south approaches.

With Wilson St, Lilyfield Rd, the SHB, infrastructure is again starting to be spread out to increase CBD access. Looks like a bit of a shift in priorities from Transport and Roads.

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But each and every one of those steps know me so well.

How long before they return the 2 eastern car lanes to trams?

That will happen straight after trains begin running into Newcastle station again. ;-)

They're going to put trams down Hunter St about 60 years after they ripped up those lines, but developers will get the rail corridor. The liarbrels have to pay their debts to the Newcastle developers brown bag brigade.

But we're all excited to be getting the V8 Supercars tearing around our heritage streets and blocking traffic for weeks at a time for the sake of 3 days racing - not! This lot are truly a bunch of scumbags!

Interesting perspective you have there --according to Wiki,  Newcastle council is currently 5/4/2/2 Labour/Liberal/Independent/Green (Ok... the heavy rail corridor was not a council decision.. but developers are typically beholden to council, not state Govt)

Hardly sounds like a Liberal controlled council

You may also find that a hell of a lot of locals in Newcastle love the V8's... stop being a snob.

Haven't the V8 Supertaxis been finished off?

Virgin bought into it - now it's just known as Supercars. 

They use the acronym 'VASC'.

When I first saw that I was totally confused, assuming that the car-loving illiterate bogans were spelling it 'V-Ate'. Until I realised that 'VA' stood for Virgin Australia and the joke was on me. I laughed 'til I cried. Not.

The series will be call ECTOMY.

the full name of the spectacle will be VASCECTOMY - something that V8 loving hoons could benefit from - well society anyway.

The Liarbrel state government has steamrolled the NCC in all aspects of the use of Hunter St for trams and rammed the Supercars down their throat. NCC has had no say in this because these projects have been deemed state significant. The rail land was gifted to the state owned Honeysuckle Development Corporation for about $10 and as I understand it NCC has no control over any developments on that state owned land. Baird won't release the financial evaluation of the closure of the rail corridor, nor the case for the route of the trams down Hunter St, which even their own departments have told them will cost at least another $100m over what it would be to run down the existing corridor. There is an increasing dissatisfaction from the commercial community about how this is going to destroy their businesses. 

There are a hell of a lot of locals in Newcastle that don't love the V8's too!

Snobbery doesn't enter into any of this. It's just Baird's testing ground for implimenting the dictatorial things that he's doing to Sydney. Consultation with the stakeholders is a case of "yes thankyou, now round-file that, we'll do just as we please." The people of Newcastle are being ignored again just as is happening with Wasteconnex and Parramatta developments.

You should research a little more widely than Wiki.

NCC had plans for Copenhagen style streetscapes along Hunter Street, with bike lanes, etc. Now that the trams will be using what was formerly 2 car lanes, the bike lanes won't be done. The Minister involved basically said "get stuffed, rude letter following!"

I'm with Dabba on not wanting auto racing in public places. Including SOP.

I don't think that's snobbish. But if it is, hey, I want the racing even less.

About 1/3 of it goes through heritage residential areas, another 1/3 is CBD and the rest along the harbour foreshore. 


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