Great news today - the ramp for the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is going to be built next year:

Yes, it is long overdue and it isn't a link all the way up to Falcon St and on to the path along the highway, but it is a positive news story never the less.

Project overview here:

Skip to 50 seconds for news on elveators for the pedestrian side and description of improved access on both north and south approaches.

With Wilson St, Lilyfield Rd, the SHB, infrastructure is again starting to be spread out to increase CBD access. Looks like a bit of a shift in priorities from Transport and Roads.

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Great, so no steps for the December 2017 6th edition Newcastle Overnight, can't wait.

Just make sure your bike has a biketollways E-Way tag fitted or you will have to add in a few more kays and go via the Gladys Berejiklian Bridge (aka the renamed Gladesville Bridge)

Will we get our 60cm+ width on the actual bridge path back, previously stolen for safety (not ours) upgrades next to the rail line.

Which wasn't taken on the road side of the tracks as they put the fence on top of the existing fence but somehow that didn't happen on the cycling side

When the trains had doors that could stay open, it really was stop and wait for the train to pass or try and dodge the flying glass beer bottle and the maze of shards. With auto doored AC trains and the full time Howards security people, do they still need the cage?

Yeah, I've been narrowly missed by the by products of a bottle and it's contents thrown from a ute which hit that cage.

It's to prevent terrorists reaching the roadway.  Apparently terrorists don't drive motor vehicles

Re the BNSW contribution, I heard that the outgoing RMS CE was guest speaker at the BNSW AGM, much to the horror of some present. But apparently he gave BNSW an intro to the Minister and the result was the Syd Harb Ramp announcement. Also likely that it was on the cards anyway (Gay sort of announced it back in about June)and he was waiting for a suitable time to announce the all round improvements - bike and pedestrian/disabled.

I heard the ex CE talk at a conference a couple of years ago and thought he said some good things about cycling, so maybe this was his last hurrah. Chapeau if true!
A year on nearly and the promised public consultation in November 2017 doesn't seem to be happening. More delays?

They must have burned through the $1,500,000 allocated for the project in feasibility studies and brunches. Perhaps after the next round of funding they'll get enough to have their cake and eat it too.

Are they really going to do it? How many years do you need to come up with a plan?


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