Great news today - the ramp for the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is going to be built next year:

Yes, it is long overdue and it isn't a link all the way up to Falcon St and on to the path along the highway, but it is a positive news story never the less.

Project overview here:

Skip to 50 seconds for news on elveators for the pedestrian side and description of improved access on both north and south approaches.

With Wilson St, Lilyfield Rd, the SHB, infrastructure is again starting to be spread out to increase CBD access. Looks like a bit of a shift in priorities from Transport and Roads.

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Apologies Russ, for going on about lifts. HarbourLink would indeed be the best solution, avoiding Alfred St and Middlemiss St, but you'd still need something (lifts or stairs) for cyclists coming from Milsons Point or Lavender Bay ? The Utrecht example of steps and no ramp was for an elevation of around 6.5 m, cf 8.5 for Harbour Bridge, and they say there was just no room for a ramp. The stairs in Utrecht also have a much better gradient than Harbour Bridge stairs, much easier to wheel bike up the side channels. Lift for cargo bikes etc.

No worries Bob.  I consider cyclists heading to / from the east could ride via High St then the old tramway reservation at the bottom of Blue St to have rideable access to the SHB cycleway.


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