Great news today - the ramp for the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is going to be built next year:

Yes, it is long overdue and it isn't a link all the way up to Falcon St and on to the path along the highway, but it is a positive news story never the less.

Project overview here:

Skip to 50 seconds for news on elveators for the pedestrian side and description of improved access on both north and south approaches.

With Wilson St, Lilyfield Rd, the SHB, infrastructure is again starting to be spread out to increase CBD access. Looks like a bit of a shift in priorities from Transport and Roads.

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During peak commute hours the queues to get up and down will be easily worse than they are now! 

They cost much more. Pedestrian lifts on east side was $20 million+project, 100% cost blow out. Council and state MP are pandering to tiny group of NIMBY residents opposed to ramp on flawed heritage and view issues.

Travellators like those on the Santa Anna Tunnel under the river in Antwerp might work, but those are protected from the weather. Amazing experience, went on them last year. 55 m elevation.  But would they run 24 hours a day? There were lifts as well for cargo bikes etc.

Kim, fervently to be hoped for, though Labor keeping a very low profile on cycling so far. 

One of the main saboteurs of this project now under threat of losing here seat in NSW parliment:

In October 2007 I did my first Ride To Work day (and have ridden to work pretty much every day ever since) and encountered the steps on the SHB cycleway for the first time. I thought it was a ludicrous situation at the time and was told by someone, at the event at the end of the bridge, that a promise had been made to replace steps with a ramp "within two years". 

I've no idea how many years a ramp has been promised before my first ride but I'm guessing it will have been quite a few so I can't see a ramp getting built any time soon. If ever. This might seem a bit pessimistic to some but you also have to be realistic. There's not much money that can make it's way into private hands from building the ramp so no ones really going to be interested in doing it.  

Unfortunately the preferred option seems to be some sort of access to the top of Bradfield Park, just 4 metres below the railway line, which doesn’t resolve the problems with using Alfred Street.   The best solution would be to extend the SHB cycleway adjacent to / near the railway (at that level), go over the Lavender Street arch then duck under the railway through to old tramway reservation (as per HerbourLink).  Cyclist access from the east would be via High Street leading to the tramway reservation.  The excellent gradients via this route would suit the great bulk of cyclists wanting to access the SHB cycleway ...... and vitally the NIMBYS would have little reason to oppose the upgrade.

There is no point ripping up half the Park and in turn losing a bunch of goodwill from the residents just to provide a ramp that connects to nothing.

The stairs are a joke but I doubt the stairs by themselves stop anyone from cycling across the bridge. Just can’t see the point in spending a bomb, and it would cost a bomb like every other overpriced infrastructure project in Sydney, to achieve nothing.


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