School in London closes roads during drop off/pick up

I love this approach from a school in Camden in London. They put up bollards and physically close roads near the school forcing parents and their kids to walk. End result: more parents are walking from home, not just from where they can get a park. Result!

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Motor-vehicle exclusion zones around all schools should be mandatory.

Of course, it will never happen because motorist convenience is far more important than children's lives.

helped by the narrow 3 m road, fancy letting lorries use it in the first place.

Also on that page, Mayor of London introducing a £10 diesel pollution charge.

When I was working in Bangkok in 2001, lorries over a certain size were not allowed into the city during the day. They were limited to the quieter night time hours - probably between 10pm - 4am IIRC. I've been back there a number of times since and the city is not as busy with traffic as it had been then. They've invested on metro and skytrain rail services which are a great way of getting lots of people around. Interestingly, the tourist books tell you that BKK is gradually sinking, having been built on a swamp. The construction of the underground must have posed some big challenges! During 2001, they decided to stop building freeways an concentrate on rail. There were a number of motorway projects that I saw that had come to a halt and all construction ceased and equipment removed. By doing this transition from car to trains they made Bangkok great again!

I recall stories about how bad the traffic was in Bangkok.  The ratio of public to private land is one of the worse.  It was pretty clear that they needed to be smart about how they expanded transportation.

Underground!  that must of been a challenge with all that water.  I'll look that one up


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