Can tyres age particulalry badly?

I never used Ones before and was tempted, so I bought a pair of 25x700C from Wiggle last year.

Then I didn't use them for  ages and finally put them on a few weeks ago.

So they are 1 year old from when I bought them, stored in the dark, with just 350kms on them done in the last 6 weeks.

They seem hard and slippery to me, but I know nothing about Ones.

I crashed on the Parra Path steel decking at Rydalmere a week or two ago - front tyre zipped out from under me. And had several other "sketchy" moments on them where back wheel lock up under brakes or both tyres skitter about rather worryingly.

I bought them thinking they were super grippy .......

See here - 

Front tyre with 350kms


Rear tyre with 350kms

Does not seem like much wear for a 90+kg guy on tyres 10% through their expected life. Tyre pressure on the rear - 90 to 100psi.

Anybody else had One issues, or "aged tyre" issues?

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If you are a light weight, Pro 4 is very good, great trip and feel of what they're doing, but the rubber is very soft and they don't last well on city roads.

AW3 was fantastic, but they're never discounted :-(  

Yes, i feel the same about AW3. I am thinking of getting the AW3, but i could buy two of something else for the same price. I may give the Pro 4 a go, i'll have a look at a few online stores. I've not tried the Schwalbe Ones, so can't comment on those. 

The Pro4 Service Course has been pretty good. I was worried it would cut easily, but that hasn't been my experience. Of course your mileage may vary ;)

Well i took the plunge and ordered the Michelin Power Endurance tyre to replace my GP4000II. Should receive it some time this week. I can report back at some time in the future on its performance. 

I've been riding Schwalbe Ones for a while.  They aren't currently on my training bike because the current incumbents REFUSE to wear out.  But I do have them on my race wheels when they get an outing. They are also on my commuter because can't remember why.   Haven't had any issues with them and they last about 7,000 kms I think.  I also buy a few in advance because I ride 650c so I can't just pop into a shop and buy them and I hadn't noticed them going off or anything.  


I had a set like that punctured if you looked at them side but refused to die even on the trainer. Sent them to an ex-Sydney Cyclist when they were selling their bike


Your stats don't count Eleri, you are a statistical outlier. You must weigh less than half of me.

I will try lowering pressure and see how they go.

Otherwise, I will go back to the Vittoria Open Corsa series.  

Maybe a light brush over with some sandpaper as another option if the lowered pressure gives you no joy

Just like the Australian cricket team!

Your words, not mine! 

Is 7000km a lot or not much?  

The current tyres that refuse to wear out have just turned over their 16000km I reckon.  I was suss about them at first but they've ended up performing well.  

Front is a 650*25 panaracer with a disturbing pattern, back is a 650c*28 Terry Tellus TT.  

I've had 700 x 28 Gatorskins do over 14,000k and still ok.


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