Seaforth - Burnt Bridge bike path - Watch for angry ducks

I got chased by an over protective daddy duck last night on the way home from work. Mum and dad duck were on the side of the path with maybe 4 or 5 ducklings. Next thing I know, daddy duck is very cranky and comes at me full speed, similar to a plover attack.

Watch out!

Duck attack is a new one for me! 

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Cripes, aggressive noisy minors, magpies, and now ducks! 

Noisy mynahs are likely to myne all of Australia, with taxpayer subsidies.

Never mind, I'll stay home with my anatadaephobia.


We rode past these viscious, feral ducks this morning. We barely escaped with our lives! They left us bloodied and beaten.

Fear not, the ducks have chilled out and are now positively bucolic.

or bipolar


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