Picked up on an article that they are shutting down the Seattle Bike Share program, following the breadcrumbs it brings up the article below from December 16 about how the local helmet law make likely kill it which proved to be true.


The article highlights how only 3 cities have MHL and bike-share programs, two of which are Australian based.  The whole story really covers in depth that MHL's will kill any chance of such a program.  It's also interesting how cities that did have MHL, repealed them prior to launching Bike Shares.

It really is troublingly obvious, no MHL = workable Bikeshare programs = more cyclists = more driver awareness of cyclists = improved safety.

Maybe one day.....

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This lot would have no problems then?

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-11/world-naked-bike-ride-nimbin/... (warning adult themes)

Now Bill, there's another way to reduce the load on your audax rides! It adds a different dimension to "the Lithgow flash". ;-)

I was just there and did notice how many police there were, how heavy handed they were (didn't see anything towards cyclists but it's a tiny city, where the high risers are, and sirens were going off all the time) and how every push bike rider wore a helmet. It's a funny world, lots of pot being smoked but not wearing a helmet while riding a bike is a crime - oh how the worlds reversed, when I was a kid everything I did was illegal and now it's legal in a whole bunch of places and what I did that was legal is now illegal in a whole bunch of places, especially here.

Oh didn't see a bike share scheme but did see lots of pushies, not many of which were roadies and looked like they were mainly being used to get to work. Down south from there, towards the Mexican boarder it's all roadies being used mainly for health and all wearing helmets, unless you are on the coast where no ones wearing a helmet and they are all pushies.


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