What a beautiful place to ride, what a tragic event - on Mother's Day no less.


It may be time to move our focus for cyclist safety away from Roads or even TfNSW and over to Health where their concern for us may be a higher priority if only because the positives of more people active  must be becoming more pressing. 

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I sent this comment to the ABC .....

Your Comments:

Road safety calls following Mudgee cyclist death

Why has this irrelevant photo been added to the report involving the tragic death of a Mudgee cyclist?  Does the journalist know that the cyclist was not wearing a helmet? If the cyclist had NOT been wearing a helmet would one have saved her? More than likely not when hit by a vehicle travelling at 50 - 80 kph. Much more relevant is why did the motorist hit the cyclist ..... incompetence, aggression? Will this incompetent journalist remove the photo immediately?

I agree with Russ.  Yes, motorists should be travelling slower, but really I don't think speed was necessarily a factor here.  How do you hit a cyclist in broad daylight unless you are not concentrating or are affected by drugs or alcohol?  (or , worse still you do it on purpose......)

Dear Russ,

Thank you for your email.

The photo has been removed, we appreciate your feedback.

Yours sincerely,
ABC News Online

It was interesting that the triathlon club Pres said that "it is a dangerous stretch of road like many other stretches of road around here".  On my recent tour, I rode from Mudgee to Rylstone.  The closer I got to Lue, the worse the driving became.  I was pleased to take a lovely quiet gravel road most of the way from Lue to Rylstone to get away from the traffic.

The route was near the old railway line to Mudgee, and as can be seen below, it's a while since they had a train on it, but king coal may prevail as surveys have been done to re-open it to get to the new mines opening up in the area.  It would make a great rail trail!

Seem like the international plague of hit and run and get away with it with a slap on the wrist by doing the right thing much later continues. 

Bring on the ACP and OZ or at least NSW could bring bring about a change.

Hit-and-run driver who fatally injured cyclist pleads guilty

A Fort Collins woman who in January slammed her car into a cyclist, fatally injuring him, and then fled pleaded guilty on Wednesday to leaving the scene of the crash, but she may not be forced to serve time in prison, at least based on the agreement.

Theresa Marie O'Connor, 28, pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a crash, a Class 3 felony, as well as careless driving, a Class 1 traffic offense dating back to the Jan. 25 incident involving a bicycle on the Interstate 25 frontage road near Colorado Highway 392. First responders found 46-year-old Ernesto Wiedenbrug suffering from serious injuries – he later died at Medical Center of the Rockies – but the vehicle that struck him had left the scene.

Attorneys agreed to a sentence on both counts that did not include time behind bars within the Colorado Department of Corrections.
and so on...


These are the incentives that have been laid down by our justice system.

If you have been drink driving then it is absolute insanity to stick around following a collision involving death.  The punishments for drink driving resulting in death are extreme, the punishment for hit'n'run are far less and are alot less if you don't get caught.  The ration response is pretty clear.

Justice when it comes to the road is bizarre.  The punishment for being drunk and driving safely is often worse than being sober and killing somebody.


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