Anybody selling second hand brake levers & gear shifters and straight handle bars or know a good place to buy second hand bike parts?

I want to turn my old Trek racer into some sort of hybrid! I live in the inner west but can travel farther if it's worth it!

Any help would be great.



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I have a flat bar you can have for $0. I also have (crappy) grips also for $0. Though I require a 10% deposit up front.

When I do look for 2nd hand bike parts. ebay would be the place to go.

But just so you know, if you can't organise local pick up, after factoring local postage, it's probably a good idea to measure that against the prices for new components on say http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk or Wiggle and co.

You will find what you need on ebay, but you also need to know what you are looking for.

7, 8, 9 or 10 speed? Down tube shifters would make the conversion easier. Clamp size on the stem?

Yeah I was a bit vague but I'm not really up to speed with the lingo

So I'm looking for 7 speed below bar trigger shifters with the brake levers, also the bike has double chainring with Shimano RSX front derailer. The brakes are shimano RSX dual pivot calliper brakes. The current handle bars have 25mm dia at the stem clamp and don't think I could deviate much from this.

Thanks everyone for the help so far

Sheldon Brown and the Park website are good online resources. The workshop below looks good.

For 7 speed you can use a Shimano indexed 7 or 8 speed shifter, but not 9 speed. Old shifters tend to get gummed up and miss shifts, so be wary getting these second hand.

You will want some brake levers that have the correct pull for cantilever brakes, not a 'linear pull' Vee brake lever. I would recommend some Avid levers that can be adjusted, usually with a little knob on the lever.

It sounds like you would be looking for 25.4mm bars, which are not hard to find.

Good luck :)

I think my flat bar would be too wide for your setup.

Thanks, that's great.

Would you be wanting some 9spd shifters then? :)


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