As some of you may know, I've moved to London. I've got my tourer for now but am desperately missing my fixie. I've been told that using couriers is better than Australia post. Has anyone had any experience doing this?

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Just a gut feeling, but I reckon you could beg, borrow, build or buy one in London far more easily and more cheaply in the latter two cases, than to ship one over and risk getting it damaged... unless you are never coming back and can't bear not to see your one true fixie again!
Hi Annabel,

Some of the people I know who have had their bikes shipped to Australia when they moved did it through shipping companies as they were also bringing whatever they needed to move to Australia. Here is a quick recount of some experiences

- customs was going to destroy a mountain bike as they thought it posed a hazard as it had been ridden off road. After much pleading they then offered to get it cleaned at their facilities before releasing it...when they did release it, it no longer had the spd pedals attached to the bike as they had 'lost' them in cleaning.
- a carbon bike was slightly damaged but was mostly scuff marks
- a new bike being brought in was going to be charged astronomically high taxes and tariffs (can't remember why...sorry)

And a few bikes all got into the country no problems at all. So not sure if the same applies to British customs but like Neil Alexander suggested maybe it's cheaper to get one there rather than risk your beloved fixie not getting to you.
Thanks guys, I don't really love it THAT much, I just thought it might be heaps cheaper. Oh well,my more beloved tourer will have to do.
You can get some reasonable deals with freight (shop around).

Or you could just leave it here for a while, then come visit us, ride it while your here and take it back to geezerland upon your return.


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