Help! Doing a solo off-road tour at short notice on my cyclo-cross bike (Cellbike Brunswick) that lacks some touring essentials. Any recommendations for navigation (Garmin? what kind?), luggage carriage (maybe a T-ONE CAPA Rear Rack Carrier Bag and detachable alloy rack - is that tough enough for off-road?) and any innovative water carrying solutions? My touring knowledge is, like, 30 years out of date. So very keen to hear any and all suggestions. 

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Thanks Dabba carries 12L of stuff (That's the capacity of the T-One Capa ? ) without needing a rack (and weight of one )

You need to learn to compress everything down for a stable ride and to balance the weight and carry more stuff  you might want to consider a front roll bag

I imagine off-road using water bladders are a good idea so that dirt , mud and grit doesn't land up on the mouthpieces. I toyed with the idea of carrying water bladders in a pack or in an in-frame bag

PS :  See the last 3 pictures on

Thanks Peter

I would suggest your best bet for luggage is bikepacking style bags from manufacturers such as Apidura, Revelate Designs, BikeBagDude etc. They are designed for off-road. As one example, this is how we have done it -

Having toured with panniers before, we absolutely loved the lightweight bikepacking style of touring.

For navigation many people use a Garmin eTrex. We use smartphone with offline map apps such as Pocket Earth or Gaia GPS.  In brief, you can download the maps you require when you have connectivitity and then use them to navigate even when offline.  An iPhone GPS (and possibly other smartphones too) even works whilst in flight mode.   A Quadlock is excellent for mounting the smartphone to your stem or bars. The one scenario where we have really struggled with the smartphone option however, is in the rain. The touchscreen becomes unresponsive when everything is wet. (iPhone experience only), and the waterproof cover renders the screen rather useless too.  Others may have found otherwise, but that is our experience.

Look at putting a bladder inside a framebag for storing additional water.


You certainly know how to dig up a topic guaranteed to bring out a diversity of opinions. In the 30 years since you toured you will find a whole new area of touring called bikepacking and of course a whole new way of extracting large amounts of money from us.

So people still consider a rack the best foundation for any touring.

A good place to start is Omafiets at Redfern who have lots of products and advice on "traditional" touring and bikepacking.

On Garmins the 520 is a good cheaper model for having a OSM map but battery capacity is always a problem, 15-20 hours is the most you will get so you need charging options like USB batteries.

Will you have a tent, sleeping, cooking equipment, carry food. Water is of course necessary and heavy. Will you be remote of close to water / supplies.

Michael has some good stuff on bikepacking here too

Thanks for these links and info Bill. Not carrying all the gear for cooking etc this time or more water than for a day's riding but I'm interested in setting myself up so I can do more adventurous rides in future.


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