Sewing needles removed from Woolies' shelves amid strawberry scare

Now... if only they do the same for cars that kill 1300 a year

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I'm surprised that Woolies aren't charging extra for the needles!

Death by vehicle is unfortunately an accepted cost of living. Now death by an airbag on the other hand is worthy of a world wide recall spanning many years.

Note 22 people world wide have been killed by the airbags since the recall started. I'll note also that in 2015 alone, 1,250,000 died due to vehicle "accidents" (according to WHO).

Society's perception is a very strange thing indeed.

Yip, there's no lobbying to restrict unhealthy food each time someone dies from a heart attack

eating unhealthy food is voluntary and the impacts well known.

Eating strawberries with needles not so much.

The needles in fruit has not hit NZ as well

Watch, what you've said.

Dam autocorrect, not was suppose to be now  :)


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