Shane Warne vents his views about cyclists on twitter

A bit of a twitter storm... Cyclist should know their place on the road.

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Stick to cricket, Shane. You probably know the rules of that game.

doesn't seem to know that many rules, flunked at marriage rules as well.

I probably prefer to be poked in the eye with a stick than to follow warne.
No, it was retweeted by either mickrogers or mark_renshaw, whom I do following.

Not that many bogans can do Twitter. Too many words.

He's the Warwick Cappa of Cricket. Best to ignore and let him bite his own arse. 


I wonder if he'll be made to recant. A la Magda Szubanski, Sam de Brito and others who have stirred the sleeping giant that is cycling.
I love the bit that 90 peer cent agree with him. Not a valid stat. Twitter followers ar self selecting.
i like utes.

Amazing what you can dispose of by putting it in a ute ;-)

it's easy to get 90% of twitter to agree with you when you selectively delete people from your twitter timeline. I know of a whole bunch of people on twitter who were telling him exactly what they thought and all of their comments were deleted from his timeline.

Only those that agreed with him or were big name celebrities (Russel Crowe) were kept on the timeline

YAWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN   Shane Warne should just stick to bothering Liz 

uninformed, over payed and unfortunately just by replying I'm validating what he has to say.

why did i read it?

Think I encountered one of Shanes enraged motorists on the Pacific Hwy Artarmon this morning.Not a very happy tradesman, how dare I enter from a side street and take up a whole lane of the 3 lane highway, even though there was no-one else about at that time. tutt-tutt...

Single file is an invitation to get squeezed into the gutter and then run-over. Road is there to share, if you don't like it, then change lanes and go around the cyclist.... idiot!


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