Shane Warne vents his views about cyclists on twitter

A bit of a twitter storm... Cyclist should know their place on the road.

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An exercise in word substitution follows using an excerpt from the above article:

"In a Twitter rage unleashed last night, Jay described how the motorist then pulled in front of the traffic and hit the pannier on Jay's bike with his vehicle as he passed.

Jay said he yelled at the motorist, who then pulled up in front of his bike, blocking him and the rest of the traffic. He said the motorist then verbally abused him.

As Jay tried to steer around the motorist, the web developer said he clipped the motorist's mirror, which copped him more abuse.

Today, Jay said irresponsible motorists thought they owned the road.

"I think what disappoints a lot of people is the attitude of the motorist. They don't own the road," Jay said.

"My main concern is the attitude of the car drivers; just respect everyone on the road.

"And can we please have all reports involving motorists investigated fully if they're doing something wrong?"

Just heard him in the news. It definitely sounds like he is now backtracking. He said that he doesn't have problems with cyclists, didn't mention the rego bit, but talked about how he thinks cyclists should ride in single file (which I assume this single cyclist was doing). He also mentioned that he has a problem with car drivers who act stupid.

Too late Mr Warne, you are now tarnished as a wanker who attacks the vulnerable members of society. Say hi to Magda and Kyle while your in the gutter.

"Too late Mr Warne, you are now tarnished as a wanker…."

What only just now? Did I miss a Memo?

Did I say wanker? I meant bigger wanker.

maybe mentioned elsewhere on this site but I just saw his name on bikesnob, must be a tad embarrassing, even for him

Right, Gotcha. Makes perfect sense now.

The cyclist's version of events (hoping I've not duplicated anyone else's post with this).

"Police have been made aware of an incident involving a cyclist and a motorist near the intersection of Toorak and St Kilda roads," a police spokeswoman said.

"Both parties have been spoken to and civil action has been advised."

Once again police discretion comes into play. Surely deliberately causing an accident and then leaving the scene of an accident is a police matter and not a civil matter. I'm guessing it's a decision from the highest level.

The thing to watch here is whether Warne gets to pay for the damage he caused, and whether he gets prosecuted for causing the accident and failing to give details.


That's the harder core aspect.


The rego masturbation is the diversion.

Nobody has mentioned this yet.

Allegedly, Warne deliberately, willfully, drove his vehicle to cause collision - with a person.

That is common assault. This is nothing about cyclists versus cars now.

The real question is road rage - criminal assault. Will Warne be held accountable - the same way that security guards from Melb Crown Casino are behind held accountable for an assault?


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