Shared Bike Lane between Mowbray Rd, Artarmon to St Leonards station feedback

Saw this on my FB feed and thought that some people may want to provide some feedback

Council wants to hear your thoughts on a proposal for a shared pedestrian and bicycle path along the Pacific Highway between Mowbray Road, Artarmon and St Leonards Train Station before Friday 17 May 2019. 

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Thanks Bernard.

This would certainly be useful for my kids. Finally a legal route to school and to their work.  

I note they intend to leave the light & power poles right where they are. 

Who ever moves them? 

You're expecting just a little to much. 

Pat.  This facility is intended for use by cyclists who would ride at only low to moderate speeds.  This Willoughby side of the highway is far better than the Lane Cove side due to far less driveways.  Despite difficulties, the design will attempt to minimise impediments (such as bus shelters) while enhancing sight lines.  Power poles are unlikely to be moved due to significant cost but pavement marking should assist in minimising the impacts.  I find the Lane Cove side very attractive from a pedestrian viewpoint with its many substantial maleleuca trees, offering shade and protection from incompetent drivers ...... although the last 400 metres through to Longueville Road has been devastated by the entry ramp to the Lane Cove Tunnel ..... thanks RMS!   It is recognised that faster cyclists will use the travel lanes of the highway.  


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