city of Sydney proposed shared paths along Wattle and Pyrmont Bridge Roads  at the last Traffic Committee in December. 

They say it is recognising the inevitable, as many cyclists are more of less forced onto the footpaths due to the high traffic volumes in the area.

Shared path on Southside of PB Rd between Wattle and Bellevue St, and on Northside past the Fishmarket, both useful, and will keep plod from pulling you over. 

Disapointed they didnt include Northside of PB Rd from Taylor St to Fishmarket, past Hansons. But maybe later. Also why not extend past Bellevue (and my favourite pub the KauriForeshore) along toTaylorSt lights?

Also some other bicycle related items at that meeting.

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In this climate of wasteconnex, reducing traffic volumes would seem to be the option of choice.

ATM I tend to do a mix of on-road and path riding there, path riding being past Hanson's to connect with the Glebe Foreshore paths.

On-road, around there and Harris too there's always an MGIF moment, so get the joy of passing car at lights and taking the lane in front thereafter ;-)

Seriously, the whole area needs to reign in the car blight.

Out of CoS's control, but at least they are doing something for cyclists on PB Rd and Fishmarket area. RMS could do so much more, but looks like it will have to wait until the big fishmarket move. 

The left turn off PB Rd into Wentworth Park Rd will remain a death threat for cyclists if they do use the shared path on the park side, unless they tighten the turn up to slow cars down. Feel a Letter to Cos/RMS coming on.

Sent an email to CoS and they've responded by saying they contemplated extending the shared path further east along PB Rd past Bellvue St but too many driveways or other hazards. Also they reckon it's too dangerous to ride past Hansons, (but alright for pedestrians?). They are working on getting a kerb ramp off PB Rd near Bulwara Rd approved and one into Bulwarra Rd,  removing a car spot and parking meter in the cul de sac, so you can head north to Miller St. Onya Justin!

Perhaps something to do with the differential in speed and speed perception issues with Hanson's drivers??

They maybe still have a "watcher" on duty in the mornings, a bloke who stands at the driveway and warns drivers of pedestrians. The drivers are pretty good in my experience and always give way when exiting.  Entering is maybe more dangerous, as they try to find a gap in traffic to turn in. But many cyclists use the footpath now, so I think it is an overly cautious approach by RMS or CoS not to make it a shared path on this well used link to Glebe Foreshore path. Cyclists using the road are probably at a similar risk anyway from exiting or entering trucks. Hansons will be gone soon I believe, their lease is up.


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