Any ideas of what is going to be done?

I wonder if they are going to widen the ramp?

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I would say not much. Not so long ago it was like the northern end and had get off and walk stairs.
Been dangerous with too much north to south speed ever since. Should have got the width and the camber of the path right the first time

It's a dangerous area with more than a few cycle into cycle crashes over the years.

Riders going South can carry way to much speed coming off the bridge to the concrete ramp and smash riders turning onto the ramp from Upper Fort St, especially the ones going up the hill and turning tight left into the ramp with poor vision of the riders coming from their left off the bridge.

Last Saturday I rode North over the bridge and had to walk up the 10 or so stairs there. There I spoke to a security guard who said the design they were using on their upgrade was dumb and that it would cause more accidents (apparently he'd seen a few!) I gathered that the ramp was going to be wider and curved to hit Upper Fort Street at 90 degrees, which according to the security guard there will put more riders travelling at high speed off the bridge onto the road where the bike traffic is predominantly much slower.

I'll be there in the morning and have another look.

I went over and back last Sunday, spoke to (probably the same) security guard. He said that when it was all finished, there would be a footpath crossing the south exit at Upper Fort Street. And that, in addition to the current hazards, riders will then have to beware of pedestrians on the path in both directions. Exiting south at speed has always been dumb, it's going to get dumber.

The rot set in when they put in the exercise equipment, blocking off a sensible straight route off the bridge next to the wall, rejoining the road about 30 or 40 m or so along to the south, allowing cyclists good visibility and to maintain momentum up the rise, also separating the cyclists coming off the bridge from those coming up the hill and turning left.
The ramp is dangerous due to idiots that exit southbound way too fast. The new pathway appears to be lipstick on a pig from what I can see. I actually wouldn't mind the ramp being reserved for southbound riders only and have northbound riders use the stairs. Unlike the other side it's only a few stairs and it would be a lot safer. But really the whole thing needs to be reconfigured but with this recent work one can guess that's off the agenda.

Removing those stupid hand rails from the ramp would create more room, after all it's not like they are of any use to cyclists (I'm guessing they are a leftover from before this side of the bridge was a cycleway).

Who do we petition for this to happen? CoS or RMS?


I looked at it again on the weekend.

A new pedestrian foot path is now parallel to the road and crosses over the bike ramp - so that riders exiting southbound at high speed will be playing dodge'em with walkers crossing the ramp and riders coming up and down Upper Fort St trying to get onto the ramp.

I agree with your suggestion of northbound using the stairs - as retrograde as it is, it would definitely eliminate bike-bike incidents at the railing pinchpoint.


I don't think riders should be entering / exiting Fort St at high speed, this is a busy area and you are entering an intersection and you need to be prepared to come to a complete stop.

That footpath just goes to the exercise area.

Yup, but if you go at what is a safe freewheel but still quite speedy speed, the north 2 south sooper commuters cannot tolerate to wheel suck any slower rider so they then go for the narky overtake which makes it worse for both ongoing and oncoming riders.

I avoid peak bike times on both the SHB and the Anzac and kinda think that unless riders slow down that maybe having the stairs both ends was not such a bad thing.

I disagree. This is the only way to ride a bike across the bridge. I'm pretty sure from previous counts (like 2012, so more now) the amount of people this transport corridor is moving about the same as a lane on the bridge but has idiots designing impediments into it like ped paths across it (now) and previously idiocy putting in gym sets. The gym sets basically increased private ownership of public space with the induced parking and the amount of people doing private personal training in the area (i.e it's busy because the gym was put there) which is our express way - can you imagine the stink it'd cause if you put the same thing on the harbour bridge. This is the same as what they've done on the anzac bridge around the statues and have never done to a main motorist corridor.

FWIW I'd want the parking next to the gym sets removed (and maybe under the cover of darkness the gym sets removed completely) or at the least for it to be a transit lane during peak hour.

This isn't a rat run, it's a person riding a bike only way across the bridge and the main issues we have atm are from the gym set.

Rode on it this morning and the path is rather flat now, the banking is gone but it seems it is a bit wider now (or its just shinny and new)


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