She didn't kill the cyclist, so she thinks she deserves less gaol time

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But Justice Weinberg said it "doesn't get much worse in terms of dangerous driving" given Stewart had been high on ice, had driven on the wrong side of the road, was driving while disqualified and while on a suspended sentence.

Yes of course she doesn't get it.

Probably only 1% of motorists get it.

It being they can easily kill someone. Watching people drive lately - had a very close miss the other day - and the stupidity on display is normal. Texting, racing to pass people into a corner/light/roundabout, running wide/cutting corners etc...

Driving skills and awareness are woeful. I suspect if the driver in this case stopped, was not high, had a licence and showed "remorse" then she would have been fined and maybe a short driving ban. Meanwhile the rider is dealing with serious lifelong consequences.


Love the idea that admitting you did the thing that you did, should be reason to reduce a sentence.

Just beggars belief

While Justice Judge Mark Weinberg noted "it doesn't get much worse in terms of dangerous driving..."

"... high on ice, ...wrong side of the road, no headlights, while disqualified, while on a suspended sentence."

Prosecutor Brendan Kissane QC told the court, "she knew she hit a person, they’d gone up and over the windscreen.”

Rebekah Stewart then left the scene of the accident, hid her car and remained on the run from police for six days.

The cyclist is alive, although in severe pain. All in all one, step removed from manslaughter for which 8 to 10 years seems generally appropriate. Taking that into consideration 5 to 6 years would appear appropriate in this case.

She has shown genuine remorse and is a young woman of 24, so the original 4 year minimum term seems reasonable to me.

I do hope she is sadly disappointed in her appeal.

Yeah. Mind boggles what you have to do in a car to get a maximum or half decent sentence.

I'm not pro lock everyone up for ages, but I am struggling to recall a serious sentence for a road offence that sent any kind of shock-wave/message to community.



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