In this movie, Shopping By Bike,  I bring together bike shopping here in Sydney at the Eveleigh markets  comparing  what I find with a market at Gronigen in the Netherlands,  and Montreal, Quebec as well.  I'd be very interested in any ideas you have about how to promote bike shopping like this, as well as the one I  suggest in the film, namely to form alliances with Chambers of commerce.

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Thanks, Paul, Sorry about getting Groningen  wrong. I'll correct it on the notes below the film . What do you think about my ideas below in answer to Gary, Discounts and stickers.

Yep, very nice work Mike. Let's hope some councillors can view this, and see the benefits to shopkeepers of providing some bike racks out the front of their shops. Everyone's got a rusty clunker at home. Old clunker + metal basket makes for changing shopping from a chore to some fun.

Another great video Mike. My wife and I just spent two months Bromptoneering in Europe and shopping by bike was something that was really noticeable in most of Europe (not just the Netherlands). I think that this benefits the community more than many people in this country realise. Not only do people get the opportunity to exercise and interact with their community, but I think that you get a better choice of produce.
The supermarkets in this country and their more remote locations have forced people to drive, and this has led to people buying bigger amounts which have to last longer, so people probably eat more processed or frozen food and less fresh food. I also think it has made grocery shopping more of a chore for most Australians. One of the small indoor markets we went to in Fussen (Germany) had a small bar at the back and it was great to watch people pop in for some fruit and veggies, have a beer and a chat then cycle off home. Cycling, beer and fresh food - what else is there in life?

Yes, Gary, i suspect that bike shopping such I witnessed in Groningen is very widespread. What I would like to get is testimony from small business owners that, indeed, they depend on bike traffic to survive. I'm pretty sure that's true. kif we could get that, it would make the case that much stronger.

Someone suggested that shops could give a discount to those who come on bikes. i saw a  sign a slop window offering that. I'm hoping my Five Dock Chamber of Commerce contact, Joe Di Giancomo can work on that idea. Also how about window stickers for participating shops.

Anyone care to nominate the most awkward object they have carried home from the shops on a bike?

I've done a pizza.

That's a nice idea. If I'd met some cargo bikes in shooting for this film, I would have included them of course. maybe a separate film

Two bales of mulch, a bag of chicken manure, and a frangipani tree in a pot perched on top. I wish Bunnings had bike parking.

Mascot Bunnings has bike parking - it's right adjacent to the Bourke Street Cycleway too!

No way! Where is it? Somehow I've always missed it.

It's at the font on the store at the north corner.

Mind you, having said that and checked Google earth it looks like there is a blue coloured car where the racks are/used to be so either the photo is out of date and the racks were put in after, or, the cycle racks were removed to replace parking for a few bikes with parking for one car.

It's been a few months since I last went to that Bunnings but there was a rack last time I went.

Thanks Sam. Actually I dropped in there last night on the way home from work to check it out, and sure enough there is a bike rack where you describe, so Google maps are out of date. It's the wheel-bending coathanger type and unfortunately there's not really anywhere to lock up a bike with trailer (I had the BOB on the back) or lean a cargo bike, which is the kind of set-up I assume a fair few cyclists would be using for a trip to Bunnings. Still, it's a lot better than nothing. Note to self: buy kick-stand.

Off topic: Two drivers last night asked me whether the BOB trailer meant "Baby on Board". I guess my stuff looked like a baby, all swaddled in a rainproof cover. No, I said, it's a Bunch of Boxes.

Two new Schwalbe MP's strapped to the rear rack was about the most awkward I have carried home (20 km).

But yeah, I often do the pizza run - you gotta keep those bad boys flat.

I have seen guys with full cases of beer balanced on the top tube.

Best I can nominate was someone riding all the way into work with a 2nd bike (steering it beside them). And they kept up with traffic.

I towed my 3.3m inflatable boat with a 15hp engine with my bike a few times down the coast.


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