In this movie, Shopping By Bike,  I bring together bike shopping here in Sydney at the Eveleigh markets  comparing  what I find with a market at Gronigen in the Netherlands,  and Montreal, Quebec as well.  I'd be very interested in any ideas you have about how to promote bike shopping like this, as well as the one I  suggest in the film, namely to form alliances with Chambers of commerce.

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Carried up to three pizzas - have to watch the box getting crashed. Other loads have been 30L of potting mix and a new convection oven on a rack/bike that was too small for the load :-)

ive done 18kg of wine

and about 500 seedlings when they were dismantling the green crate at green square

While we're posting pics:

Nicely balanced, even when parked. Everyone just assumed I was some drunkard who had lost their licence... :-S

Ooohh Wiggle purchases :-) New Wheels?

I'm going to brag. I've carried everything imaginable in my Christiania: Wine barrels, bladder based rainwater tanks, inflatable kayaks, 26 inch electric bike, kids bikes, folding bikes, small trees, potting mix, 6 metre length of storm drain pipe, bookshelves, chickens,dogs, old pallets, 4 metre roll of lino, structural timber, poly roof sheeting, power tools and a lawn mower. 

lol ive done a glass table and five stackable ikea chairs from ikea found at a council cleanup! in the babboe big!, lol pretty  awkward!

I'd like my local bike shop to have racks so I can lock my bike when I go there, you guys reading this Bike Shop in Castle Hill?

I often ride the extra 7km to Rouse Hill because the Trek store there at least has racks out front.

It's not much to ask is it? maybe we could have some sort of pledge system. Those  who pledge to get bike racks get a member sticker for their window and certain promotional advantages. We need to work with councils on this as well. When i had my bike art showe a year ago in Darlinghurst, Fiona Cambell of  city of Sydney got a bike rack put in front at no cost to the gallery i believe

Maybe in the Hills we are supposed to drive to bike shops.  I know 2 of the employees ride to work along the M7 from Rooty Hill, or at least they did.

The Hills Council never respond to tweets but I sent them you video link anyway.

Carriageworks / Eveleigh Markets, a prefect treat on the return leg of the DHBC Sat Slowies ride.

Speaking of which, BikeSouthWest BUG is doing a shopping ride from Panaia to Warwick Farm.on SAT 8th Dec

WARWICK FARM MARKETS; 27 km ; Moderate pace Some Traffic / Uses Off-road Cyclepaths / Uses On-road Cycleways 

Starts: 8:00 AM; Panania Railway station Edwards Reserve (North side Opposite Pub) This ride is mainly along off road cyclepaths and quiet back streets but includes a section along the M5 shoulder. Spend about an hour doing your fruit and veg shopping and having a relaxing morning tea. Return to Panania via alternate route.
Mike, I think discounts for cyclists and window stickers are probably a worthwhile exercise, but personally I would appreciate proper parking facilities more than anything. One of my local coffee shops made a bold move and replaced two car parking spaces right outside their door with bike racks for about 10. Within a very short space of time the word got around and I now see lots of cyclists stopped for coffee. I also think that people are slowly starting to realise the value of European-style city bikes with features such as baskets, boxes and rear racks (even cargo bikes) and think that this will make it more practical for people to shop by bike.

Nice work, Mike!

I don't always shop by bike - when I don't, it's by public transport, as I don't own a car - but I love doing it: I consider it something of a badge of honour now to see how much I can lug home in my tardis-like panniers.

Hm, Great North Road, Five Dock - where the Member for Drummoyne has his electorate office... :-)

(PS - I knew I had 'made it' as a cycle-shopper when I brought home a few six-packs by bike. I don't drink beer but the boyf thought that was legendary!)


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