I went to an info session run by Sydney Metro on Saturday in Balmain Town Hall. One of the Metro planners said they don't want to carry bikes on the new Metro trains (if it ever gets built). Reasons given were "bikes might get caught in the automatic gates" and "passengers might get grease on their clothes".

Anyone know if they take bikes on the Paris Metro or other Metros?

They will take strollers and wheel chairs and luggage so I dont agree that it would be a problem that couldnt be designed for. They could direct cyclists to enter by the rear door for instance, to minimise problems, as most passengers use the middle doors.

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"In conjunction with future extensions, the CBD Metro will:

* provide metro access to Sydney’s key economic corridors, greatly reducing travel times and relieving congestion on Sydney’s road and rail networks"

maybe when the metro releives all that congestion cyclists would find it easier to ride, & wouldn't need to take their bikes on the train.
(am I living in dreamland?)
I think that does sound like Dreamland to me. Of course I would like to beleive the entire metro's implementation is a matter of dreamland but then again I've learned to never underestimate NSW state governments ability to do stupid things.
I don't see the metro if it ever comes into being actually doing anything useful. It's really just a publicity stunt by proposing a bandaid for a failing system to make it look like we have an infrastructure building government. The very same infrastructure building government that refuses to give 'heavy rail' the previosuly planned and currently desperately needed expansions. The same infrastructure building government that opened new suburbs along 'rail transport corridoors' to entice developers and people to move in while there are no actual plans to ever put in train lines. I'm seeing a bit of a trend here.
But in response to the original post I am not at all surprised by them not wanting bikes on the metro. We are the antichrist to every god fearing sardine on our public transport system. Our rail system is far from cycle friendly and expecting a new 'metro' to be cycle friendly is a bit of a stretch.
You can take a bike on the Istanbul metro. You just can't take it on during peak hour. However, having travelled on the Istanbul metro many times sans bike it always seems like peak hour. Despite it being busy all the time no one bats an eyelid when someone gets on with a large item eg the shoe shiners with their big boxs or gypsies with bags and boxes of stuff.

If you do want to take your bike you have to buy an extra jeton which is only 1.50lira (about $1.30) which is the standard cost of a ticket for the metro regardless of what stop you get off on the one line. The metro is very efficient and cheap so it gets used all the time.

On the point about bikes on the Sydney metro - perhaps parents with those HUGE prams should consider how much space they take up and perhaps they should buy an extra ticket in peak hour just like bikes.
I stopped using the Baby Bjorn once my boy was big enough to constantly kick me in the nuts when he was strapped in. That was when he was about seven months old. Now I cart him around in a MacPac baby carrier. No more kicking me in the nuts, but he does like to grab sticks off branches and whack me in the head with them.

We used a Macpac Possum baby backpack until our kids were about 4 years old. Depends on the size of the child and the strength of the parent's back ;-)
looks like your getting ready for a base jump!
Oh and to keep it relevant, yes bikes should be allowed on the metro, if there was a designated area for them then the grease on clothing etc. argument becomes redundant. Access should not be a problem either since it should be designed to be wheel chair accessible.
Should bikes be allowed on base jumps too?
These guys make good stuff.

Looks like your bloke would fit
I just cannot kill my packs and panniers

Of course bikes should be allowed onto the metro
I'm dead against taking bikes on trains.
No cyclist should have to suffer the inevitable "Nice bike mate, how much did you pay for it?" followed (if answered) by shock horror & more probing questions.

Greasing the offending inquirer would be such sweet revenge. Sadly this only happens in articles attacking the prospect of sharing transport with cyclists.

Can anyone offer some useful retorts?
"How much do you earn in a year? I'll let you know if you can afford one"
This might give you some ideas. "Fat Cyclist" is one of my favourite blogs.
So true! That's why I only have friends who are cyclists.


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